Hamas official: Executions were meant to satisfy the people
Roi Kais
Published: 24.08.14, 14:46
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1. justification makes actions worse politically
zionist forever   (08.24.14)
Admitting the executions were meant to satisfy the crowds is even worse than executing these people as collaborators because what it says about Hamas is life to them even to our own to satisfy public opinion and boost moral. Its like good old fashioned lynchng but worse. I hope the very bad Israeli PR machine can capitalise on this statement.
2. Notice how he changed the story
Arnold ,   Montreal   (08.24.14)
At the beginning he said it was the people themselves that called for the public executions and then by the end he said it should have been done in private. These Hamas rats change their tune with the wave of a hand.
3. Nice try, Hamas.
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.14)
But we've been lied to by people better than you. For every Palestinian civilian who wanted you to execute those guys, there are at least a thousand who are worried that they might be next to be accused by a neighbor who doesn't like them.
4. Executed because they were' suspected' of being informants!
michael redbounrn ,   Aveiro - Portugal   (08.24.14)
5. Gaza weekend entertainment
A ,   Belgium   (08.25.14)
We haven't yet satisfied our blood lust from Israeli attacks, so let's cheer on our Hamas "brothers" as they execute our "palestinian"..."brothers?"
6. ISIS Gaza Division
Benji ,   US   (08.25.14)
They even dress the same.
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