Who's afraid of the big, bad boycott?
Adam Reuter
Published: 28.08.14, 00:17
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1. News Flash .. News Flash .. Ulimate in stupidity.
Mike ,   NZ   (08.28.14)
Israeli made circumcision rings which help prevent AIDS/HIV may be boycotted in South Africa becauase of the Gaza operation ... really ? I can't stop laughing (Thinks ???? ) Is there a public listed funeral parlour in South Africa that I could buy shares in ? Someone please advise.
2. Sodastream shud close its factory and open elsewhere in Is
Alan ,   SA   (08.28.14)
3. Not A Battle For Euros But A Battle For Minds
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.28.14)
You can sell billions B2B but when you cannot sell to the young mind you will loose everything in the end. This will take time but when the empire of Israel falls it will fall very fast. Israel thinks that everything is going their way because they are the smartest, are the most business savvy, have the best military force and have G-d on their side. Wait until the American middle class begins to really suffer. Wait until all the bills come in for the wars they have fought for Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Wait until they realise that the billions in aid to Israel could be better spent at home. Then the American politicians will begin to know fear because of their traitorous behaviour. Payday some day.
4. Israel can hit the eu much, much harder
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (08.28.14)
we export less than $8 billion to europe and import almost $20B... everyone can do the math. Those who most suffer from boycots and eu santions are leftwing universities, who anyway waste this money on jewhating spin research! But more than that, we should start handling an anti israel and antisemtic foreign leftleaning press! If I read talkbacks in europe more than 70% show support for us. Maybe this is a fact that the leftwing israeli press who only has extremist leftwing contacts cannot understand! The average european is sick and tired of the agression displayed by muslim immigrants - even if the eu is trying in a dictatorial way to supress these feeling
5. Boycott??
John ,   Herzlia   (08.28.14)
So the factories in Yehuda and Shomron (West Bank) will move their plants to the Galil or the Negev. There they will get also government help and help rise the rate of employment. In the West Bank they will close their factories and the mostly Arab workers will be unemployed. The hate of the EU against Israel is so big that they are blind to the damage they do to the Arabs as a result of their "boycott".
6. Too bad...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.29.14)
..that they can't boycott the big oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Many countries are still heavily dependent on foreign oil. Israel, meanwhile, leads the world in alternative energy research and development. The one country everyone loves to slam just may end up being the country they all look to.
7. BDSers are morally depraved cretins.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.14)
BDSers are not only morally depraved. They are also cretins. Like Holocaust survivors will submit to their economic blackmail.
8. Let them boycott
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.28.14)
In turn, Israel will not sell inexpensive natural gas to the European Union. They're not getting any from Russia because of the Ukraine flap. If they want to import it from elsewhere at a staggering cost -- well, let them. We can also yank our licensing agreements for Israeli-owned (both by private individuals and by the State of Israel) information technology. Israel can also reduce the amount of EU products that it imports. If they want to play, we can play back a lot harder. Or perhaps their beloved "palestinians" can provide them with all the information technology, medicine, agricultural expertise and natural gas that they could conceivably want. Moslem rowdies pushing for a boycott -- looking for a cheap excuse to loot some stores. Some political movement! Although I am not in the least bit surprised that the Europeans caved in. In twenty years, at least six of the EU countries will be dominated by radical Moslems. Frankly, I can't wait.
9. To: Facebook David Isa
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.28.14)
Israel can move the manufacturing end of the settlement enterprise to Israel proper. While this will benefit Israelis, it will be a devastating blow to West Bank Arabs; unemployment in the areas governed by the "palestine" authority hovering at around 45 to 50 percent. Moving factories and manufacturing centers into Israel will provide jobs for Israelis and will instantly throw thousands of "palestinians" out of work. The government will not issue any work permits to West Bank Arabs; too many work in Israel already. That's the reality of the BDS movement. You want to boycott? Go ahead. With the EU economy suffering as badly as it is, what will the EU do when Israel decides not to give them a special pricing structure for natural gas? The EU is boycotting Russian natural gas because of the Russian interference in Ukraine. Not too many options that are not ridiculously expensive and a logistic nightmare. Next, Israel can start cancelling the technology sharing and licensing agreements in place with the European Union. Do you think the Europeans want to give up their smart phones and go back to using two tin cans and a long piece of string as a mobile device? Probably not.
10. #3, World Idiot, everyone knows that you lost your mind
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.28.14)
11. #4 Europeans are not tired
You can't say Europeans are sick and tired of aggression by immigrants. Just look at the support that white English Christians give such aggression in Rotherham, while they spew hatred at Israel for defending her own children.
12. Boycott
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (08.29.14)
Boycotting sralei goods can have a negative influence on any company boycotted. The boycott, divestment movement is being spearheaded by Islamist & other anti Israel & anti-Semitic movements. What the boy cotters need to be made aware of that by boycotting Israel they are in fact supporting terrorists like Hamas. They are being inundated by pictures that in fact do not tell the true story. Are the Gaza citizens really innocent? I think not. They elected Hamas to rule their area, they have great celebrations when an Israeli is killed. Public information poles indicate that a vast majority are in favor of attacking Israel. The real status of the so called territories needs to be determined by negotiation not by force. On a global scale it would be much better to boycott companies that enrich Qatar who is a major sponger of terrorism.
13. You must pay attention to Boycott
Tova ,   Canada   (08.29.14)
This is not to be ignored as too many countries and companies are invested in Israel with imports and exports. However you must pay attention as these companies also have Anti-Semitic Executives. The enemy within any organization. In Canada students at university are boycotting Jewish Student and Canadians are very nairve and will follow Islam. Jews in Canada are not safe than anywhere in the world. Hatred against Israel/Jews is growing rapidly in Canada like in Europe. And you can be sure the Canadian Government will no nothing about it.
14. Who's afraid of the big, bad boycott?
Oldweaver ,   Chicago, IL   (08.29.14)
That may be true on the economic level, but the damage, and the real target, is on the political level...the deligitimization of Israel.
15. to5
mutawakela   (08.30.14)
ghandi from india said -- do not be so sure -
16. to7
17. Don't forget outsourced IT
Mordechai   (08.31.14)
Our world of international trade is wonderful. I am an Israeli programmer who takes work outsourced from a US company which gets work outsourced from Europe, Asia and Australia. I laugh when I work on websites from Arab countries supporting my living in Judea and Samaria
18. My local grocer pulled ALL products from Turkey off Shelves!
Dina   (08.31.14)
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