Palestinians rescue settlers after West Bank attack
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.08.14, 23:39
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1. Just a fluke, an exception to the rule, the rule of Islam!
All you Sharia loving, European TB'ers can go to (actually: STAY) in the Hell you so bravely have constructed for yourselves on the streets of London & Paris, Stockholm, Oslo etc...Preach your fake morality somewhere else, creeps! Yes Mary, that goes for you too. Stop polluting these virtual, Zionis pages!
2. No surprise all.
jimi ,   Palestine   (08.26.14)
Palestinians were and are humans who care about humanity. even after their own land takeover , even after the never ending occupation, even after all blog and killings by Israeli army and settlers even, even after all the misery that IsraelI occupation is making them face day and night for 66 years they will continue to appreciate life. Israelis should realize that their government wants them to have a brainwash that shows Palestinians as nonhuman savages. end occupation now and live and leave us live
3. Let's read it properly
Avi L.   (08.26.14)
Let's read it properly not as some bleeding heart would say "Palestinians are good we don't understand them" but as "there are good and there are fanatiscs, let's build a future with the good ones" while chasing down the fanatics.
4. To: FB Mary Hughes Thompson
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.26.14)
So, 4,000 years of written history and the archaeological record are incorrect? You're a fool. You had better bring considerably more than your post suggests you can provide. Unless you like being made into a complete fool -- well, you actually are a complete fool -- in which case, keep posting. We'll settle your ignorant hash. Check the written and archaeological record, chica. Check the DNA, too -- that doesn't lie, and it places the Jewish people as coming squarely from Palestine. We, in fact, are the true Palestinians. Today's ersatz "palestinians" stole that identity in order to try and gain some legitimacy to a land to which they have no right, title or claim. Their DNA places them squarely from the Hejaz in the Western Arabian desert. I suggest you acquire an education if you wish to continue posting on this website. Unless you don't mind being proven a fool over and over. If you like being humiliated, by all means, please continue to post. You're ignorant. Get an education.
5. What Wonderful, Kind People!
Texana ,   Austin, Texas   (08.26.14)
These people who helped are truly kind and wonderful! They are heroes who deserve our gratitude. The care and love that they showed this little family and the little baby are a model of excellence for us all.
6. Make peace with good Palestinians.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.26.14)
Most citizens of Israel want to live in peace with Palestinian Arabs. Many Palestinian Arabs will agree to coexist with Israelis whether Jews or Arabs or Christians. This story clearly shows that coexistence is possible. Netanyahu's government was wrong to stop the peace process, which should resume as soon as possible. Let this story be a guiding light.
7. out of tragedy: hope
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.26.14)
It is promising to hear that there are Arabs who are still human in their hearts. Perhaps there is some hope that they will free themselves from the bondage of the fanatical and fascist leaderships that are to be found in the PA and Hamas.
8. Thank you!
Dani ,   TLV/ LDN   (08.26.14)
Truly remarkable! That kind of thing makes a huge difference, I think...
9. the world is crazy
jew ,   europe   (08.26.14)
we are greatfull that they dont kill the couple? we marvel that they helped?? maybe we should all glorify them, no?? this should be normal and natural reaction, this is law and not "miracle" yours stupid reactions only confirm how arabs are dangerous
10. More positive news does make a difference
Raed ,   Jerusalem   (08.26.14)
Positive news about Palestinians and Israelis helping each other and cooperating will make the rest of the population feel that peace is possible and will hopefully stop the hatred and animosity ! Israelis think that Palestinians are violent, but don't forget that they are under occupation and their lives are not normal like the Israelis. People in the south cant expect to lead a normal life while their neighbors in Gaza are suffocating from the blockade. Dont blame Hamas, blame the occupation, which has led to the creation of Hamas. Imagine 2 states based on 1967 borders living in peace and cooperating together, they will thrive and prosper. A historical example is that of France and Germany who were always at war and suffered greatly from each other yet today they are Europe's strongest allies. A little bit of hope is what is needed for Palestinians and Israelis and peace will be possible.
11. wishing well
Kay ,   New York, USA   (08.26.14)
From a Palestinian... My heart breaks for this family. I hope the husband heals well and they are all fine. No excuses for this. These people were not harming anyone. They look like good people. There is just too much tension in the Middle-East right now.
12. To talkback n.2, after a terrorist attack
Amihai ,   Isarel   (08.26.14)
Yes, there are those that show their appreciation of life, like those good human beings which saved the family. But the car didn't flipped over without reason : It was because others from the same people try to killed them... And sadly, there are much more trying to kill jews than trying to save them. And even much more that don't really value life even if they don't try to kill anyone.
13. #1 no you are very wrong
Until the Oslo Accords it was normal for Jews to have good relations with their Arab neighbors living in Judea and Samaria. That is why the first thing that Arafat did with the weapons he received from Peres is murder any Arab who wanted to live peacefully with the Jews. It is a miracle that despite Fatah rule and the corrupt Abbas, there are still Arabs willing to risk their lives to help a Jew.
14. Mary Hughes Thompson: Facebook
The Holy Koran clearly states that Israel was given to the Jews. Your opinions is insulting, hurtful and blasphemous. You can have any opinion you want, but why does your opinion have to insult other people? It is a crime.
15. To No. 4.
Betram ,   London, UK   (08.26.14)
"Genetic analysis suggests that a majority of the Muslims of Palestine, inclusive of Arab citizens of Israel, are descendants of Christians, Jews and other earlier inhabitants of the southern Levant whose core may reach back to prehistoric times. A study of high-resolution haplotypes demonstrated that a substantial portion of Y chromosomes of Israeli Jews (70%) and of Palestinian Muslim Arabs 82%) belonged to the same chromosome pool." Wikipedia (probably lying antisemitic propaganda).
16. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.26.14)
Oh, stop! Seven decades of unremitting terror, six wars -- all started by Arabs, and won by Israel -- how many incidents of kindness as opposed to incidents such as the Fogel family would you like me to recount? And is it necessary to remind you what gave rise to this incident? Someone hurled a boulder the size of a melon through the windshield of a car, badly injuring the driver and causing the car to veer out of control and overturn? Had all of the passengers died, you'd be passing out sweets. Please do not take unfair advantage of one random act of kindness. It's an anomaly, and we all know it.
17. use of words
Richard Knelsen ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (08.26.14)
Wonderful story of a human helping hand. However, it seems to me that part of the problem here is that the terminology used, that is, calling this couple by the negative designation "settlers" when, according to International Law they are living in their homeland and are not "settling" on land belonging to someone else. Let's try to return to reporting with facts as a foundation.
18. To nr 15 Bertram the anti-Semite in self denial
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.27.14)
Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Try academic sources. Most "Palestinians" arrived in Israel between the 1880s and the 1940s. Source: "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters, "A History of the Jewish People" by H.H. Ben Sasson and "A History of the Jews" by Solomon Grayzel. Maybe you'll discard it as "Jewish propaganda" since you love the truth, are Jewish and care About the Jewish people. No "Palestinian" people has ever existed in recorded human history - for which there is ample historical records to prove my statement. For example "History of the World" by J.M. Roberts, "The Mediterranean In the Ancient World" by French historian Fernand Braudel, "Ancient Rome" by Simon Baker, "The Classical World - An Epic History of Greece and Rome" by Robin Lane Fox, and "The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt" by Ian Shaw" NEVER once mention any ancient "Palestinian" people. "Palestinians" are indeed mentioned in the 1960s but that doesn't qualify as ancient history. Before 1967, Arabs refused to refer to themselves as "Palestinians". I bet there must be a global and universal conspiration against you Bertram since historical records dating back several thousands of year discard, reject and contradict every single statement of yours. The World is probably "anti-Bertram". I Think you Bertram should sue thousands of years of World history for daring to write the truth in their historical records and for contradicting your Fascist opinions. Jews are indeed the historical and native population of Israel and their DNA indeed places the origins of the Jews in Israel in the Middle East. Genetically Jews are much closer related to the peoples of the Middle East than their European Christian neighbors. There is ample evidence and records for these statements too. If you deny that facts and an objective reality exists, then how can you discard facts and claim they are "subjective opinions" while you and other anti-Semites concoct your own "facts"? If there is no right and wrong, then how do justify the destruction of the one and only Jewish state while you take 22 "Judenrein" Arab states for granted? If you truly want a debate, why do you get angry when people contradict you? What's the Point to a debate if everyone is supposed to share your ideologically motivated twisting and denial of history and facts? If there is no right and wrong, why do you assume that you are "right"? And why do you attack Sarah B? If yuo truly are a Jew and if you truly care about Israel, why is it that you attack your fellow Jews for making statements that validate that Jews/Israelis have equal human, civil and democratic rights as everyone else, but at the same time yo don't bother to verbally attack the anti-Semites that Daily attack the very people- the Jews, and the very country- Israel, you claim you care so much about? It surprises me that you don't feel any discomfort writing your daily anti-Semitic and racist lies at Ynet. If you do respond, try to do so without personal attacks and keep it technical since you are so eager to "debate".
19. Yassamnikim
Dvorah Chanah ,   Safed   (08.28.14)
Special forces
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