'Open-ended' Israel-Hamas ceasefire takes hold
Roi Kais
Published: 26.08.14, 18:59
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1. Have the Lefties someting on Bibi,like on the oaf Sharon bef
ab   (08.26.14)
-ore ? "Disengagement" from Gaza was payback for Lefties silence on the Greek Island
2. It took Hamas less than 5 minutes to break this truce
Ed Stack   (08.26.14)
Dont let them get away with it.
3. New ceasefire agreement
Maurice ,   Netanya Israel   (08.26.14)
Who are they trying to kid? Abbas's security forces "supervising" the Rafiah crossing? And the easing of the blockade to allow in construction material and other goods? Of course, Hamas will get its customary "taxes" Who will inspect the stuff coming in - also Abbas's men? Whoever believes this will work is naive, to say the least.
4. Thanks Allah they've agreed! With Bibi we need all the help
we can get!
5. Supervised by Abbas' forces !?!?!? A perfect description for
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.26.14)
the fox guarding the henhouse. JUST 10 DAYS AGO, Abbas' forces declared a increase terror against Israel and Israel trusts them with supervising Hamas? Has Israel gone completely mad?
6. Ceasefire-Imports
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (08.26.14)
Are we allowing Abbas, the Hamas partner, to supervise imports? It's allowing the cat to watch the cream. Neal the Hasmonean
7. Mazeltov deliberate serial war luzerim...
Wally Right   (08.26.14)
Remind me not to make aliyah to such a loser country.
8. netanyahu is finished
alexi   (08.26.14)
fishing rights expanded up to 6 miles, crossings opened in return for hamas killing 3 teens, launching 4000 rockets at israel and 70 israelis dead and 500 wounded. Good result for hamas, bibi is finished, and yaalon also is in deep political trouble for a dumb stupid war plan.
9. Look further
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.26.14)
While Hamas and some Israelis are claiming victory, Gaza is pretty much destroyed. BUT the qestion is how many Iron Dom missiles are left? how many bros. and sisters we might loose? how long are we going to fight?....
10. I guess
Chanel ,   Eretz yisroel   (08.26.14)
I guess that when Hamas uses the time to bring in weapons that could endanger the lives of millions -- then the good folks who fill Rabin square will finally start being kind to the cruel and return to their source.
11. Offer us a truce when...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.26.14)
you Hamas and Islamic Jihad guys run out of rockets. And Israel will run your port security, not Abbas. We don't trust him either.
12. insanity
jj ,   montreal canada   (08.26.14)
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein
13. Going to Iran next?
PS ,   Tulsa, USA   (08.26.14)
You might as well go rearm Gaza for them because you are your own worst enemy. If you won't finish the job then the job will finish you.
14. Who is the real enemy?
PS ,   Tulsa, USA   (08.26.14)
Israel seems to be it's own worst.
15. Cease fire number 47
Bob   (08.26.14)
16. King Bibi the Weak has failed the Likud party and
A ,   Belgium   (08.27.14)
the people of Israel, new leadership is desperatly needed. As a non-religious secular Jew, I would support a Feiglin/Bennet/Regev-led government without a doubt.
17. Cease fire facts
Irv ,   USA   (08.27.14)
This article states everything agreed to That will benefit Hamas. Not a SINGLE statement about how Israel will benefit. Not even the promise to try and stop shooting rockets into Israel willy billy to harm civilians. Disgusting.
18. To open-minded,the brain falls.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.27.14)
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