Gaza truce deal: Crossings to open under Israeli supervision
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 26.08.14, 21:08
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1. Victory announcement?
Chipster ,   USA   (08.26.14)
The HAMAS spokesman made his 'victory' announcement in front of Al Shifa Hospital. Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City is where HAMAS doesn't have its main HQ operating from under Gaza's biggest hospital. No human shields here!
2. Another cease fire
ik ,   USA   (08.26.14)
I guess a month should be sufficient for hamass to smuggle in or create another 10,000 missiles for next time.
3. The key words are "agreement resembling the understandings r
Avi L.   (08.27.14)
The key words are "agreement resembling the understandings reached after Operation Pillar of Defense ". Agreements that brought us on the recieving end of hundreds of rockets, agreements that allowed Hamas to build tunnels, stockpile rockets and hide under hospitals. Congratulation for the agreements
4. victory
john ,   toronto   (08.26.14)
This is a victory for Hamas because the leaders of Israel cannot take a strong stand. They can blame one person but all of them failed. Do not bring war on the people and bring defeat also on them.
5. Cairo will be making money fm all these meetings
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.27.14)
6. Bibi is waiting........
Dan ,   USA   (08.27.14)
for Obama to tell him what terms to accept. Very sad.
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