Abbas slams Hamas for intransigence during Gaza op
Elior Levy
Published: 29.08.14, 00:43
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1. Words for the non-Arab street
Shlomo ,   USA   (08.29.14)
What Abbas says in public for international consumption bears no relationship with what he says to other Arabs. We should never trust him until Arabs stop vilifying Jews and Israel in their schools and mosques and then only after a generation of calm.
2. Abbas condemns Hamas
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.29.14)
If really true, Abbas besmirches the memory of the great Arafat. He is going soft in the fight for Palestine Liberation and needs to be replaced by someone firm in revolutionary principle.
3. Lets not forget
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.29.14)
This ALL STARTED with the Hamas Kidnaps in the West Bank....where we were close to losing all that we had built and achieived in a decade...and end up with the West Bank like Gaza as rubble But IT IS IMPERATIVE that Negotiations with Israel MUST RESUME IN PARALLEL with Cooperation and Development - not waiting and deferring leaving Palestinians in the West Bank locked in time until the negotiations are complete Lets be proud of all we have achieved so far, open about the benefits of cooperation with Israel and Jordan and Egypt and most important DECLARE LOUD and CLEAR. West Bank is calm, stable entrepreneurial, ambitious and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
4. Abbas slams Hamas is Code for
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.29.14)
Abbas slams Mashaal The more information leaking about Hamas conduct in this conflict the more it becomes clear of the Mashaal-Deif arrogant and sinister connivance with possible Qatari backing and 'financial sweeteners' to assume total power and control in Gaza and prolong the conflict whatever the price to the people of Gaza and whatever the opinions of the rest of the Hamas Political Elite Far from Abbas slamming is the People of Gaza who demand Mashaal ANSWERS for his crimes
5. #2 "replaced by someone firm in revolutionary principle."
A ,   Belgium   (08.29.14)
Your favorite pet bunny rabbit, for example, polak?
6. Abbas is just jealous that it was Hhamas who made
A ,   Belgium   (08.29.14)
King Bibi the Weak look bad and not him. I'm sure if the opportunity arises he'll let Fatah/PLO take a shot at Israel, if Hamas doesn't kill him first.
7. Hamas Mafia
Walid ,   Spain   (08.29.14)
Let me start by saying that I am a proud Palestinian and have always used the pen to fight for the rights of my people. However, now I will use my pen to denounce the Hamas mafia that has caused so much destruction and pain to the Gaza Palestinians. After 55 days of horror they accepted a cease fire on exactly the same terms that were offered to them at the outbreak of the war. Why waste so many innocent people lives and destroy whole neighbourhoods? The reason is obvious: Corruption! They let destroy in order to rebuild. Steal money on construction contracts, imports of materials and plunder the grants given to them from all over the world. This is why all the Hamas leaders have stashed millions of dollars in Gulf banks. Unfortunately, corruption is deeply implanted in the Arab mentality and it is visible everywhere you go in the Arab world. Until the Arab people manage to kick out their corrupt leaders, there will be no peace in the Middle East. Just look around you….
8. A new war has broken out
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.29.14)
The Hamas cronies and the Fatah cronies in the so-called unity accord are already at each others' throats.They're fighting over power and control of funds to repair the Gaza Strip;lots of good pickings there. People in the Gaza Strip,people in the West Bank and people in Israel are all innocents victims of those tyrants and their power struggles. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
9. Arafat
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (08.29.14)
Arafat and Great are words that do not belong in the same sentence. Like Abbas, he could have prepared his people for peace. And like Abbas he failed.
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