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Lev Tahor community 'forced out' of Guatemalan village
AFP, Ynet
Published: 29.08.14, 09:18
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1. Good riddance
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.14)
In this case it is nothing to do with anti Semitism, but a healthy disregard for sick cultists. We need to do the same in Israel with this Islamic-style maniacs.
2. From the looks of them, they might be at home in Iran
Dan S.   (08.29.14)
3. women in chadors-burkas-Jewish???
Sobieski ,   Darwin Australia   (08.29.14)
what kind of jews would dress cover themselves in burkas-chadors?disgusting.........good on the Guatemalan people!Kick them out!They have probably mistaken them for followers of the deathcult.
4. anti semitics? not really
lev tahor lol   (08.29.14)
they are not jews... "a guatemalian who converted to LEV TAHOR" hahah so basicly its a different religion
5. Come to Turkey!!! We will always welcome them and help them!
Onas Kadirovsky   (08.29.14)
They shall fear not, nor shall they grieve. Their reward is with their Lord, the Excellent. Muslims support you and we cherish you. I hope Erdogan and Turkiye's AK party looks into this matter and extends the help.
6. If they're Jewish then so am I
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (08.29.14)
Yet, I disagree with the fact that they are being expulsed for being different. If they're there legally they have no reason to be put apart
7. no mercy
jon ,   Paris   (08.29.14)
this sect is mad and anzionist... NO MERCY , NO CRY FOR THEM
8. They look like Taliban. I can't blame the
Vardina   (08.29.14)
local citizens.
9. If Sudanese can soon claim Tel Aviv as their home, why not
these nutcases? After all, we have them in droves & support them in Mea Shearim etc. They'll probably end up in the NOT Promised Land :-)
10. Is Mea Shearim better than Guatemala?
Jul ,   Jul   (08.30.14)
This has nothing to do with antisemitism. how long would you and your friend last in Mea Shearim if you decided to go live there the way you live in Tel Aviv? One day? a week maybe? Would you call them antisemites then?
11. Jews , not Jews
Love the comments here. So, it's OK they got kicked out because they are ''not really Jews''. What has being Jewish got to do with the fairness or otherwise of a group of people getting kicked out of a village?
12. Misleading to say "Orthodox .. forced out.."
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.31.14)
The Orthodox Jews I know view Lev Tahor as a cult and don't want to be identified with them. They (Lev Tahor) got into trouble in Canada and fled. Wonder where they'll end up? For those of you who don't know the story seach on: Lev Tahor Canada. You'll see why the Orthodox don't want to be lumped in with them.
13. Re: 11
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.31.14)
It *is* pretty bad to kick out any group from a country - agreed, However, it's their country and their rules. Apparently their laws don't forbid this. Wonder why Lev Tahor picked Guatemala to flee to? The women must be broiling in those long black outfits! When they lived in Canada they didn't have to worry about getting kicked out and the women were probably more comfortable in their black outfits.
14. 'where they have lived for six years' ???
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.31.14)
I thought six months ago they were living in Canada? Are there two separate groups? If they really want to live in purity [tahar] they should live in Eretz Israel, not Guatemala. As they are coming from a Spanish speaking country and under threat of lynching, perhaps they can cross the Mexican border into Texas and claim asylum.
15. crazy
Reform ,   Brazil   (08.31.14)
Torah commands to dress like people we live with. No special suits. Haredim are completely wrong. You can not mix Wool & Flax - I think. Everything else is fine - and kosher.
16. Ousting Lev Tahor
Sheldag ,   Los Angeles, CA   (09.01.14)
As someone who grew up in Ste. Agathe Des Monts, Quebec, and as an erstwhile IDF officer, I fully endorse any country, including Poland, Austria and Greece, in ousting the reprehensibly abusive Lev Tahor sect. Granted their hosts may revile Jews of any kind who choose to live among them. As a Jew who once lived within (as best I can tell) 5 miles from Lev Tahor, I would have come down on the side of separating them from their children, placing the kids in Jewish homes, and dispersing the adults to all points east of Kibinimat.
17. Taliban Jews. lol
"pure heart" ,   the pious   (09.01.14)
18. Kiddusha and Tahara
Danny ,   London England   (09.03.14)
People seeking maximum kiddusha and tahara -sanctity and purity -- should be living in Eretz HaKodesh, which includes a goodly part of the Kingdom of Jordan, if they are so anti-Israel
19. veiled women
john ,   toronto   (09.09.14)
Why are the women veiled. Jewish women usually only cover their hair. That is the only part which should be covered for religious purpose.
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