IAF Patriot missile downs UAV near Syria border
Ahiya Raved, Roi Kais, Itay Blumental
Published: 31.08.14, 15:11
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1. Iran dictating the calls
BUILD BY BUILD !!!!   (08.31.14)
especially now that Gaza's war is quiet. All distractions for Iran's more nefarious nuclear capers. How many Muslims and Christians has Iran murdered so far I wonder? Israel not so much, thank G-d, even with another war.
2. Why use patriots
Zionist forever   (08.31.14)
The IAF patriots are supposed to be used in a missile defense role working alongside Arrow not for shooting down UAVS as they have dedicated anti aircraft systems as well so why waste missile defense on UAVS?
3. "Accidentally" flew into Israeli airspace?
DvorahTheProphetess ,   SC, USA   (08.31.14)
There are no accidents. The momzers in Syria are pushing the envelope. If only we had the IAF securing our US-Mexico border . . . (deep sigh) AM ISRAEL CHAI!
4. To No. 2
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.31.14)
The darned thing is not much good for anything else. Remember the Scuds ?
5. dennis
eddiE ,   sa   (08.31.14)
"weird personality " is an understatement,. Somebody has to do some psychiatric study of their brain structure or whatever you call it in medical terms. Some doctor will get the nobel prize for working it out - go for it !! its worth more than the prize money- The prize will be in the category of "benefits to humanity"
6. @ Zionist patriots
Jason ,   Israel   (08.31.14)
These missiles are first and foremost air defense missiles. Arrow and iron dome are supposed to be used for middle defense.
7. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.01.14)
You have it exactly backwards. Patriot batteries can be used for middle-range missiles. Iron Dome targets short-range missiles (keep in mind that the standard is an ICBM; that's how distances are calculated in terms of missile trajectory and fuel capacity). By the way -- the Patriot is very effective. The problem with SCUDs is that they were then, and continue to be now, wildly inaccurate. Especially when -- as is their tendency -- they burn their fuel too quickly or simply run out of fuel, which means the heat signature is gone, either way. Russian weaponry isn't all that good; SCUDs shouldn't be a standard of measure for anything.
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