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'With love, Avram': Amulet son gave mother uncovered in Lodz Ghetto
Itamar Aichner, Yedioth Aharonot
Published: 01.09.14, 00:13
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1. Am Yisrael Chai
Neshama Yehudit   (09.01.14)
In loving memory of L.W. and the son who loved her so much. You see, you were right. Am Yisrael Chai. Their everlasting memory definitely IS a blessing.
2.  A reminder
ky   (09.02.14)
of the talent, beauty and love that the Nazis stole from future generations. Jews have contributed so much to this world, they even gave Christians their religion . Where would they be without us? Still offering sacrifices to doubt. The amulet reminds us that those who hate and revile Jews are the agents of Satan or in whatever form that good or evil is understood in this world
3. sad reminder
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (09.03.14)
It is a sad reminder that the anti-Semites are ever lurking waiting to devour us...
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