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Putin to attend Holocaust memorial at Auschwitz
Noah Klieger
Published: 07.09.14, 09:50
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1. Thank you Russia
Philip Barnett ,   London , UK   (09.05.14)
for liberating the Auschwitz camp in 1945. A big thank you to the Russian people , its army and the President Putin.
2. Russia Today is anti semetic Propoganda
k ,   US   (09.05.14)
And it is Putin's outlet
3. In the "absence" of USA Putin does as almost any bastard on
the political World-scene would do: he grabs more power, since that is what he perceives to be a badge of (skewed) "Honor", as opposed to an enlightened, democratic and SOBER Russia. We cannot be too picky when it comes to allies; let him visit& lay as many wreaths as he deems necessary "Na zdarovye", you Cossack Prick! BTW: they all are just going through the motions of what's politically correct (for the moment) when visiting Auschwitz (or any other site of Jew-massacre)
4. Thanks to Russia for liberating us from the Nazi Criminals
Alan ,   SA   (09.05.14)
I believe President Putin is a good friend to Israel.Unfortunately Obama is in the middle,stirring trouble.Never trust Obama or his henchman Kerry
5.  Over 230 Soviet soldiers died
Plexpp ,   Berlin   (09.05.14)
Soviet Soldiers opened the gates of Auschwitz Concentration Camp on January 27, 1945. The prisoners greeted them as authentic liberators. About 7 thousand prisoners awaited liberation in the Main Camp, Birkenau, and Monowitz. Before and soon after January 27, Soviet soldiers liberated about 500 prisoners in the Auschwitz sub-camps. Over 230 Soviet soldiers, including the commander of the 472nd regiment, Col. Siemen Lvovich Besprozvanny, died in combat while liberating the Main Camp, Birkenau, Monowitz, and the city of Oświęcim. The majority of them are buried at the municipal cemetery in Oświęcim.
6. #5, Agreed, we owe huge thanks to Russia.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.05.14)
The sacrifice of Russia in its fight against Nazism has not been adequately acknowledged, not yet. Putin's presence will be an important reminder to young people to study what Russia did during the Second World War and deliver stronger and more frequent thanks.
7. Michael #6. "stronger and more frequent thanks"
Jake   (09.05.14)
should be complemented by stronger and more frequent condemnations of the role of the Molotov-Ribbentrop (Nazi-Soviet) PACT in expanding Nazi power in Eastern Europe.
8. I don't think Mr. Putin should be going
Miron ,   USA   (09.06.14)
he has more important things to tend to. Instead, it should be delegation of Russian State Duma officials, who should be coming to Oswentzim to mourn victims of WWII. And I don't think that Barak Obama and his friends from neo - fascist Ukrain junta should be allowed anywhere near that place, after murdering Russian speaking population of Donetzk and Voroshilovgrad for the past 1/2 year. We have lost one too many lives to let people like this return from graves.
9. Putin's visit
Paweł Sawicki ,   Oświęcim, Poland   (09.06.14)
There is no information about possible presence of the president of the Russian Federation during the anniversary. The news about 70 heads of states who 'already confirmed their participation' is completely false. The preparation of the commemoration event on January 27, 2015 is of course in progress, but it is far too early for any official statements. Paweł Sawicki Press Office Auschwitz Memorial
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