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Germany to compensate Holocaust child survivors
Omri Efraim
Published: 04.09.14, 15:46
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1. Germany owes a lot more.
milwaukeebroad ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.05.14)
When you seize private property, deny people their rights and then round them up and murder them, you are forever indebted to them. Six million! 13 million altogether! There is simply no way to reconcile those numbers! Germany owes all of them and will continue to owe all of them!
2. Germany after the war continued to rob some Jews
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.05.14)
Even after the war and after Reunification, Germany continued to rob Jews. Not all Jews received compensation. It's a myth.
3. Claims Conferebce
Meyer ,   Paris   (09.05.14)
This is not new. Article 2 Fund began in the 1990 for European countries. From 2012 it is also applicable to Jews from North Africa like Tunisia which was occupied by German forces. Informations : and specially for Article 2 Fund
4. childrens compensation
Jack Adler ,   Lone Tree, USA   (02.15.15)
I complement the German Govt. for doing this. However,when will The German Govt. start making these payments?
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