Palestinians say Gaza reconstruction to cost $7.8b
Published: 04.09.14, 18:09
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1. evacuate all Gazans
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (09.04.14)
rebuilding makes no sense, Gazans will attack again better they leave permanently.
2. Brotherly Love
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (09.04.14)
Will the people in Gaza get help from the Muslim world to the tune of 7.8 billion? I doubt it. Instead, more lip service will come from their brothers in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and others but no help what so ever. Who will they blame, Israel of course.
3. No,/.7 billion : Amos Schocken ,owner of "Haaretz" ,is givin
ab   (09.04.14)
110 million $ to his beloved pals
4. cheaper to destroy the rest for parking
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.04.14)
5. Next time dont shoot rockets at us.
dyslexic... ,   Israel..   (09.04.14)
It makes us very angry and that's the price you have to pay. I suggest you buy tents.
6. Great.....Whoever paid for the ......
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (09.04.14)
weapons used to attack Israel, can also pay for the restoration of Gaza!
7. How many bake sales will it take?
milwaukeebroad ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.04.14)
They could collect aluminum cans on the highways and cash them in at recycling centers.
8. Rebuildig Gaza
Ezra ,   Florida   (09.04.14)
Do you accept credit cards, or shall I send you a check???????????????????
9.  7.8 billion dollars
Mat ,   Uk   (09.04.14)
No problem. Qatar will provide the money but they should make sure it's build gaza not tunnels and Hamas bank accounts Qatar are the ones who backed them
10. Headline pic of a kid in...?
Joe ,   France   (09.04.14)
Yedioth etc... $pon$ored by Qatar?
11. Yet still Hamas threatens to restart rockets!-Madmen!
Alan ,   SA   (09.04.14)
Of course bankrupt EU and Obama administration will pay the bills
12. As Hamas started this war, broke
Benji   (09.05.14)
cease fires, used aid money for tunnels and weapons, maybe they should pay for this last war, also compensate Israel. They are too busy accussing Israel of war crimes...when will the world wake up, Hamas/Isis brothers in arms.
13. 2100 "mostly civilians?"
Sez who? Hamas? Yeah, right. Does that include the people Hama's executed and whose bodies they brought to sites attacked by Israel? And since when is the PA strapped for cash? All it does is collect money from the rest of the world.
14. exchange
outlaw stupidity ,   usa   (09.05.14)
for every truckload of building supplies that go in to gaza a truckload of missiles come out of gaza
15. sitting around
real vision ,   usa   (09.05.14)
here they are sitting around...waiting for the world to send the big check that most likely hamas and PA will steal and then hamas or the PA will tell the world it really needs 10 billion to rebuild and another 2 billion for salaries of people who do nothing
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