Qaeda-rebels: UN Peacekeepers to be judged according to God
Roi Kais
Published: 05.09.14, 11:36
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1. Dubious Story
Gil Yashar ,   Golan Heights   (09.05.14)
I have only seen this story in the Israeli media based on a dubious, self-interested quote by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. I doubt that Jabhat al Nusra will be so stupid as Islamic State and try to anger the whole world by killing hapless Fijan peacekeepers. While Jabhat al Nusra have the same Islamic goals as Islamic State (i.e. a Khalifa), their means are less extreme.
2. At least they are now blaming israel
zionist forever   (09.05.14)
The silly season where terrorists were the bad guys is now over and there is soon to be a little normality again in the region with Israel being blamed for all the worlds ills.
3. they can be saved
All they need to do is submit and become Muslims. Then they will not be harmed.
4. #1 wishful thinking
mark ,   usa   (09.05.14)
Nausea could simply trade them to ISIS for breathing room from ISIS attacks or release of Nusra personnel. Or use them as a statement of moving closer to ISIS thinking, remember al-Qaeda is losing the recrutment battle with ISIS.
5. Good to hear your balanced feedback...
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (09.05.14)
It is good to hear your balanced feedback. The Syrian Civil War is one of the most complex geo-political puzzles of the last 120 years. Unless you have studied and observed it in depth it defies simplistic analysis, thus the breadth of ignorant comments. As your address implies, you are actually in the Golan Heights, so you are probably more aware than most of the various players in the conflict. P.S. When visiting the Golan Heights in early Sep. 1997 with Israeli friends I had a quiet Macabee Beer whilst sitting in a stream on a nice hot summer's day. I hope and pray that peace and calm prevails in that beautiful part of the world soon. I would like to drive from Jerusalem to Tehran via Damascus and Baghdad one day. Hopefully before 2020 bizrat hashem.
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