Israel issues tenders for 283 homes in West Bank settlement
Published: 05.09.14, 13:00
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1. Monaco and Andorra
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (09.05.14)
All this pious talk of "lasting peace" is just that - pious talk. There is no way Israel will give up land that can be overtaken in an hour by jidhadists such as the Al Nusra Front and ISIS. There is no way Israel will permit Ben-Gurion airport to be in the crosshairs of Islamist rockets. There is no way Israel will permit enemy forces to cross from Jordan into the West Bank. But I can visualize a contiguous stretch of Palestinian cities into a principality modeled after Monaco and Andorra.
2. land grab
Iletzter ,   TA   (09.05.14)
I really don't understand the intention of these PR stunts. If Israel or PM is serious- let him just BUILD quietly. Why make so much noise , create a crisis and at the end, probably build nothing .
3. Land theft
Michael ,   Haifa   (09.05.14)
Land theft will only stop when faced with efficient economic sanctions worldwide. Looking forward to reading the outraged responses of the land theft supporters here. Their bravado will hold out only until they are personally hit in their pockets
4.  biggest land grab ?
mark ,   uk   (09.05.14)
why use such words which Israel haters use what is wrong saying Land Authority announces new homes for expansion of the Elkana settlement
5. To: FB Mike White
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.05.14)
Why did the United Nations allow Poland to grab East Prussia and the Polish Corridor? Those have always been part of sovereign Germany. Why did the United Nations allow Yugoslavia to grab the entire province of Istria from Italy? Istria has been a part of Italy since Roman times. Why did the United Nations permit France to retain Alsace and Lorraine? Those -- despite the French-sounding names -- have always been a part of sovereign Germany. Why did the United Nations allow the United States to annex 95% of Okinawa? That's ALWAYS been a part of sovereign Japan. Why did the United Nations allow the United States to annex nearly one million acres of German soil and establish the Ramstein Air Force base? Ramstein is now part of the sovereign United States. Shall we question the unilateral annexation of Tibet by China? The United Nations never uttered a word of protest. Better yet -- what about all those "treaties" entered into by the various native American tribes, which were promptly violated by European invaders? Has the United Nations done anything about that? Something on order of 71 million native Americans were murdered, rendered disenfranchised and removed from land which was LEGITIMATELY (as distinct from the illegitimate claims of the ersatz "palestinians") theirs. Finally, unlike the faux wars invented by the European invaders in oh-so-many lands, the claim of the Jewish people to the land of Israel is enshrined in history and documented by indisputable archaeological evidence. So the existence of the modern State of Israel is unequivocally based both in history and in fact. The ersatz "palestinians" could have had a state in 1947. They chose to go to war instead. They lost. Oh, dear. Simply dreadful, but no one forced them to go to war; they opted to do so, and thus must suffer the consequences of defeat. In 1967, three Arab armies declared war against the sovereign State of Israel. All three lost. Israel's re-acquisition of Judea and Samaria in 1967 came about as a result of Israel's prevailing against Jordan in a defensive war. Non-sovereign Judea and Samaria are thus Israel's to settle, retain and annex. Bad things can happen when you enter into wars which you do not win. Just ask Germany. Just ask Japan. Just ask Italy. Your ignorance is monumental, so you are not really deserving of a detailed and explicit response. Nevertheless, I have provided one. I won't do it again. If you wish to challenge me, I suggest you scamper quickly to your local high school and arrange to acquire a G.E.D., following which you really must find your way to an Ivy League education, a summa cum laude undergraduate degree, and two graduate degrees, with honors. Until you manage that, sluggo, I'm done with you and your ignorance.
BUILD BY BUILD !!!!   (09.05.14)
The UN is now a majority of third world Muslim failed states. The UN Never saved one Jews life and is now a dead idea only kept alive by a broke America. BUILD IT AND THE JEWS WIL COME !!!!
7. Since we're unwilling to bury Hamas in Gaza, at least we can
answer in a meaningful manner: build hundred new homes for every rocket & annex land that is ours anyway.
8. It is strange
It is strange that Ynet, an Israeli newspaper that presumably would not spread Hamas propaganda, use the incorrect word "seize" land, when it should be "confirmed that there is no private ownership of the land". It is strange that Ynet mentions the 283 homes for Jews in Elkana (that Netanyahu will not build) but ignores the 2500 homes Netanyahu has fast tracked in Jerusalem for exclusive Arab use, or the new purely-Arab city Netanyahu has built. It is even stranger that Ynet does not mention the housing shortage in Israel's Jewish sector that lowers the standard of living of the young and the poor that started when Netanyahu decided to stop building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria.
9. Re: it is strange...
Ronnie ,   Chicago, USA   (09.05.14)
"ignores the 2500 homes Netanyahu has fast tracked in Jerusalem for exclusive Arab use, or the new purely-Arab city Netanyahu has built." Link to this previously unknown information, please?
10. Re: 1967 war
Ronnie ,   Chicago, USA   (09.05.14)
"In 1967, three Arab armies declared war against the sovereign State of Israel." Israel, like Japan, fired the first shot. War was not declared by either side at the time. What do you call it when you attack before delcaring war?
11. Our Land: We Build
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (09.05.14)
This isn't news.
12. Land theft
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (09.05.14)
The actual Israeli government is a land grabber that will achieve nothing but economical sanctions and isolation. It couldn't even remove the threat posed by Hamas. The last colonialist regime on earth is so gasping its last breathes since it's getting weaker. G. Moscatelli
13. Ynet reads like BBC
rayS ,   NH USA   (09.05.14)
The slan your writers use reminds one of the BBC. For example in this article "land grab".!!! During the Gaza battles Ynet read like a Hamas release. What do you want ? Another terror state in Judea and Samaria. ?
14. declarations
john ,   toronto   (09.05.14)
I wonder if they are empty declarations to give hope to the public. Empty promises.
15. Moo-Moo-Moo!
Eli Bodie! ,   USA   (09.05.14)
Go Israel! Keep building until the cows come home--and after! God bless Israel!
16. Lost revenue in WB
roxanne ,   haifa   (09.05.14)
They are occupying land that could bring in millions if they had the brains. * Bible tourism of Jews and Christians * Archeology tourism of educated and curious, and Jews and Christians. Instead, they are just looting artefacts that have no connection to them. Never mind the missed scholarship. Build and build and build some more.
17. Now we can forget about Gaza demilitarization
Israel is losing even the remaining support in the world.
18. Sanctions against Israel
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (09.05.14)
Every time Israel grabs additional land to build and relocate settlers, the chances for a universal sanctions increase. Do you see that coming?
19. To: #5 - Sarah B
Bob ,   Ohio, USA   (09.06.14)
Sarah B I’ve looked around and I have found that at no time did the USA ever annex any land in Germany or Japan. We are there are there by consent of the respective governments. Now you have claimed that the USA has annexed these areas many times now. So I am asking you to cite your sources. As you’re the one who made the claim, therefore it is your responsibility to prove your point. So prove to me that the USA ever annexed land in Germany or Japan.
20. To FB Mike White.
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (09.06.14)
First of all you lack confidence and authority.You are an Arab-use your own name.By pretending to be a "white" man won't make you more credible. You are somewhat educated that is you know how to post but your ignorance is mega blocks long.Read post no 5 and weep in frustration.Simply put,you are an ignorant fool.
21. To: Jacob at No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.06.14)
Excuse me, but why should a different set of rules apply to the State of Israel than those which apply to every other nation? Stop bowing your head and apologizing for being Jewish. If you're going to keep on doing that, would you mind terribly converting? You, sir, are a pitiful excuse for a Jew. Please let us cull you out of the herd now. No room in today's world for the self-hating Jew who wants everyone to be his "friend." They hate us. They will never grow to like us. They do not want to be your friend. Isn't it time for you to admit defeat and stop trying? Oh, look -- a virulent anti-Semite hates me. Oh .... YAWN ... how ... YAWN .. on earth... YAWN ... will I ...ever .... YAWN ... manage ... YAWN ... to sleep .... YAWN ... tonight? Garbage to garbage, Kobi. You need to learn how to wear their hatred as a badge of pride. Can't you at least try?
BUILD BY BUILD !!!!   (09.06.14)
TODAY. Thank G-d Israel is FINALLY BUILDING her own land... It makes me happy knowing not only does Israel decide for herself to build but, rubs it in the out of sorts nose obama stuck into Israel national business and safety. Not to worry, obamas term is running out and his popularity is 38% proving again a Muslim should never have 'occupied' the White House. BUILDING IS ULTIMATELY WINNING THE WAR FOR ISRAEL. SAVE JEWS BUILD MORE HOMES BABY!!!!
23. # 3 Michael, Haifa a tad hypocritical lad....
BUILD BY BUILD !!!!   (09.06.14)
LOL the jokes on you living in Israel if what you wanted happened, you wouldn't want to live there. Once the muslims move in, there goes the neighborhood. Perhaps that's why every Muslim, Christian, and Jew favors Israel to any failed Muslim state of whom most are murdering one another, religiously, of course. BUILDING IT AND THE JEWS WILL COME!!!!
24. # Perhaps it's psychological war fare?
BUILD BY BUILD !!!!   (09.06.14)
Nothing like a public smack down of obama via Bibi and Israel. Makes me smile. obama met his match and then some with Bibi. BUILDING IS IN DEFIANCE OF MASSER obama. ( plus, what other nation waits over 2,000years to build baby build ?)
25. No 21 NO we do not hate Jews
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Haifa   (09.06.14)
We rather disregard people of your ilk Sarah, full of hatred and racism You are so ignorant and full of disrespect for other people's opinion that you can't even deal with Jews having different opinions than yours. You used so many times the antisemitic and self hating jew rethoric that it doesn't mean anything anymore. No body but you believe your words. You're a lost cause. G.Moscatelli A self proud non Jew in Israel.
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