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Anti-Semitism drives largest ever French immigration to Israel
Published: 05.09.14, 23:22
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1. The more anti-Semitism in Europe,
shrinkDave ,   miami USA   (09.06.14)
the stronger Israel gets.
2. Bottom line is this...Israel keeps on growing
Al   (09.06.14)
the galut keeps on shrinking. Intermarriage, lack of Jewish education and identity and finally out and out Jew hatred is doing the galut in. The Jews of France are beginning to learn what many Jews around the world knew, 70 years ago. Their only home was to be Israel. That's why Israel was founded. Israel keeps on growing. while the galut is withering in its ongoing painful decline.
3. We know the islamic-cult is the most..
Beary White ,   Norway   (09.06.14)
...hateful group of immigrants into Europe against Christians and Jews. Stop the immigration of Islamic-cult-followers into Europe, and the hateful problem will take an end. The Islamic cult is based on terror and evilness.
4. Jews will say later on that they've been kicked out
Like in Arab countries while they left from their own will
5. Just A Thought
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (09.06.14)
The Israeli government should run continuous airlifts from France to Israel to take out those French Jews not weathy enough to pay the fare.
6. Hollande's days numbered
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (09.06.14)
The most unpopular President since WW2, an economy in the Merde, it's not just Jews leaving France. London has a huge French population escaping the menace of French Socialism. The rise of Islamofascism is the main driver behind anti semitism in WEurope, and the vast majority are increasingly sick and tired of it
7. and this has nothing to do with French wanting TAX evasion??
been there done that ,   paris   (09.07.14)
They treat Israel like a tax haven as if it was Monaco. I'm sure there must be more french owned $€$€$€$€$ properties there than french actually living in them..
8. #4 Live life with your head in the sand
Benji ,   US   (09.07.14)
Until the problem is at YOUR door.
9. Al, 2#..100% right!!!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (09.06.14)
10. Fine- Aliyah Now
ik ,   USA   (09.07.14)
Byeah to French tourism - Next
11. #2 Al
Tzvika ,   Jerusalem   (09.07.14)
How about the Jews of Canada?
12. Let's hope they behave themselves in business.
Dina   (09.08.14)
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