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Merkel calls on Germans to rally against anti-Semitism
Published: 06.09.14, 18:02
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1. Germany and anti-semitism
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (09.06.14)
Germany has the duty to avoid anti-semitism in it's country, no matter how, to clear it"s name from the period 1933-1945. Anti-semitism is crime, just as National-socialism, everywhere and always.
2. Jerusalem
Prosper Kanfi ,   Dollard des Ormeaux   (09.06.14)
Oh Israel I love you, I love you like a bride. You walk among nation proud and beautiful; I love you from the moment you said yes to me. declared your love to all Jews in the world. As fare as I can remember your birth, you where young and beautiful, country's like America, and Russia and eventually all of Europe gave you the support you needed. Then all Arab country's tried to eliminate you out of jalousie. Yesterday and today they tried and tried again to traw you to the see. But what they did not know is God all mighty declared his love to you. Because you where his first love and declared you his people Israel, 4000 years ago. When God called you Israel he made a contract with you, by giving you the Torah as a Signe of love. So my dear bride this unbreakable love we have will endure any storm that will pass trough our pate. So my beautiful Israel noting will ever happen to you. Your capital Jerusalem is a Symbol of God’s convenant to you. “If I forget you Jerusalem forget my right”. “Im eshkachech jeroushalaim tishkach Yemini”
3. Even best friends argue on occaison, but Chancellor
A ,   Belgium   (09.06.14)
Merkel and Germany are the best friends Israel has in Europe at the moment. Hope they maintain that friendship.
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