Abbas threatens to break partnership with Hamas
Elior Levy
Published: 07.09.14, 10:05
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1. "one weapon"
nadav ,   tlv   (09.07.14)
that pretty much sums it all up. The Palestinians state is supposed to be de-militarized. There is NO way that the Israeli people will allow themselves to be terrorized and held hostage by an armed, failed terror state. We do NOT want an ISIS on our borders. ANY agreement must see a ZERO weapon tolerance in the West Bank and Gaza. period.
2. Don't believe him. They are all in bed together so why
Dina   (09.07.14)
Just wait...they will kill each other.
3. Palestinians' Altalna moment at last?
Dan   (09.07.14)
In 1948 Israel had to fight Begin's right wing radicalism and assert its dominance, proving to all that Israel would not support terrorism. Arafat always refused to cease or confront terrorism and until now so did Abbas. If he really is willing to do so now, Israel does have a partner in the peace process.
4. A harsh fight between the 2 parties
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.07.14)
where both win,might resolve some inextricable Israeli problems.
5. Abbas, Hamas and the Future
Joe ,   West Bank   (09.07.14)
It would be sensible for Abbas to break the so-called "shiduch" with Hamas and pursue talks with Israel on the formation of a Palestinian state. As long as Abbas remains the only funnel for foreign aid, the rule of Hamas over Gaza is temporary. Slogans of victory do not provide shelters and schools.
6. Good morning Abbas!
Emma ,   Tel aviv   (09.07.14)
Go on and bring Israeli criminals where they must be:in the HAGUE!Enough.
7. "my patience with Israel, the United States and Hamas has
A ,   Belgium   (09.07.14)
expired". So pack your backs and leave, Abu Nobody. As the saying goes, old terrorists never die, they just go to Qatar and enjoy squandering the millions they have stolen over the years living the good life. Maybe find themselves a stable of pre pubescent colts to keep their murdererous hearts pumping, as did Abbas's predecessor. At least the "moderate" terrorist will have to live with the disappointment that "4,000 had been fired, but only three Israelis were killed". Well, you "palestinians" aren't very good at much of anything, even what you do best...inflicting terror.
8. abbas is just talking
tom ,   toronto, canaada   (09.07.14)
before anybody gets all barney about how abbas will rein in hamas and reassert fatah control over gaza, and solve israel's problems, let's think about this. apart from a friend or two in the white house, abbas has no legitimacy. his term as "president" of the palestinian anarchy expired years ago. and his chairmanship of the plo qualifies him as an arch-terrorist, not a peacemaker. on a pragmatic level, if he could take over gaza, he would have, already. even at the height of operation defensive edge, even though fatah fighters were firing rockets alongside hamas, hamas took time out to drill a few fatah kneecaps. the "unity government" (sic) was not a sign of abbas' strength. by not negotiating with israel in good faith, abbas has made himself, and the american "piece process", irrelevant.
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