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Was Jack the Ripper a Polish Jewish immigrant?
Published: 07.09.14, 15:54
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1. Sure: he was even worse than ISIS! :-))
2. If his surname was Schocken it'd be very probable
ab   (09.08.14)
3. So?
John ,   Europe   (09.08.14)
So what? Jews, like others, have their share of murderers, nut jobs, psychos etc. Idiots are who take conclusion about ALL Jews because of that - and, others, who see this as international plot against Jews, are equal idiots, who cannot see themselves in the mirror and admit that not all of Jews are angels.
4. To #3
Aaron ,   Herzliya   (09.09.14)
Nowhere in this article does it say all Jews are bad or good. You made that false dichotomy.
5. Good timing
Raphael ,   Netanya   (09.09.14)
To obfuscate the massive Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal by pakistani pedophile gangs. Members of the British-Pakistani community condemned both the sexual abuse and that it had been covered up for fear of "giving oxygen" to racism. The sudden finding about a 126 years old scoop is a fascinating example of the british press's methods to hide its antisemitism behind muslim loving.
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