Senior source: Hamas rebuilding Gaza terror tunnels
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.09.14, 18:52
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1. Terror from the "islam"-Gaza-Strip
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (09.07.14)
Deport the entire, present population in Gaza. Destroy all the tunnels, launcing-sites, "islam"-"hamas" and allies, to solve that problem entirely and for good. Also the Gaza-Strip belongs to Israel. The Jewish and Israeli people have the right to live in security, peace and prosperity in their own land, just as every, other people. MAY G.D BLESS HIS JEWISH/ISRAELI PEOPLE TOO!
2. israel can destroy much of hamas but not under bibi
arieh   (09.07.14)
zahar , a doctor does what all arabs do, and that is wildly exaggerate. But he is right about bibi calling him a failure. Israel now knows him as a military coward and no amount of spin changes that. He should not have been trumpeting his experience in security over these years after this horrible olmert style leadership where he ran like a rabbibt after a hamas ceasefire where they did not. Gaza was smashed with lots of civil damage but arabs don't care about that. they will get handouts and cash from the UN and EU and lots of o ther goodies. The key to defeating hamas is to hit the civilian gaza population with rockets which israelis themselves should do on their own to equalize terror.a nd israelis should hit all locations of hamas regardless civilians. Pillay and others of the UN habitually against israeli should be warned about the consequences of their bias. In the meantine, israel needs elections so the country can get rid of bibi and install bennett as the new leader.
3. Of course, who was so self deluded thinking
Avi L.   (09.07.14)
Of course, who was so selfdeluded to think they would stop? Only some Dr-Prof-MBA who lost contact with reality a long time ago would believe Hamas would quit "jihad fi sabillillah". Only some politico on hairdo whitout any vision of what lays just behind the corner would make us believe that "demilitarisation is on the negotiaton table" . "It's not an existential threat" (not yet) has been the mantra repeated all over again on all channels, in order to quiet down (internal sheket) Israeli citizens. We are back are more or less to square one. Many died, many suffered ... for what exactly? Any clue? BTW, anybody noticed that like any other living organism Hamas-Hezballah improves, and that every time we don't deal definitively with the problem we just end strenghthening Hamas-Hezballah.
4. Assuming this is true...
TC ,   Israel   (09.07.14)
What are we waiting for exactly?
joyce fraser ,   USA   (09.07.14)
fill them with permanent toxins and unbearable odors ... ... as should have been applied to the British Imperialist/Elitists when they killed, subjugated, and otherwise abused their Jewish victims of yet-to-become-independent Israel. Priority in the meantime, must be TOTAL, SYSTEMATIC DISARMAMENT of Hamas.
6. More hudnas and takiya.
Eurabia   (09.07.14)
7. Terror tunnels
Mat ,   Uk   (09.07.14)
Build a cannel across the border and fill it with sea water expensive worth a thought
8. Tunnels
Mark ,   Uk   (09.07.14)
What will EU UN and the rest wil do about this will they tell Hamas to use restraint or they will wait till the next war and tell Israel to use restraint
9. HOW is it possible?
Albrecht ,   EU   (09.07.14)
10. is this what a ceasefire means?
Christopher Costello   (09.07.14)
In this article, disappointment is expressed that Hamas apparently continues its military efforts, building rockets and tunnels. Is Israel expected to stop supplying itself with weapons and the means to deliver them after the ceasefire? Strange.
11. For Arabs this is what ceasefires are for
Dan   (09.08.14)
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