Palestinian rioters clash with police in Jerusalem
Published: 08.09.14, 08:27
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1. Barkat
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (09.07.14)
and Barket wants to build the Arab community 2500 new apartments in Jerusalem? If the minority wants to riot and destroy, they get no rights.
2. Time for someone to start burning down the House. Makes no
difference whose House & where. This pretended coexistence cannot and will not continue for much longer. Either we want to live here and have a future or we want to play saints. In that case let's do "Masada II" right away: start distributing daggers.
3. The Shoah versus The Naqba
Zechariah   (09.07.14)
Always Remember The Pogroms brought the Return and the Shoah Determined the State .The Naqba followed the Rejection of Jewish Return of a Remnant after the Shoah to Empty Areas of Israel .
4. What a happy united city
5. Someone is fed up with 40+ years of occupation
6. 4,000 Yrs of Jewish Homeland-get the facts silly man!
Dina   (09.08.14)
7. Barkat's systematic discrimination has caused this!
Israel ,   Israel   (09.08.14)
1. Recently Mayor Mr. Barkat via the Jerusalem Board of Education ordered the closure of a school in eastern Jerusalem...all 400 students are now attending a new school that Hamas created to receive them. Thank you, Mr. Barkat. 2. Since Mayor Mr. Barkat took over the building permits have been issued to ANY of the non-Jewish residents of Jerusalem. Thank you, Mr. Barkat. 3. Since Mr. Barkat took over the municipality...all building permits are for Jewish residents ONLY. Most in eastern Jerusalem...Jerusalem is a divided city which has been turned into another settlement...instead of being groomed as the capital of Israel. thank you, Mr. Barkat.
8. railway
valerie ,   jerusalem   (09.08.14)
the light railway wasn't built to "link Arab and Jewish neighborhoods" but done to link illegal israeli settlements from east Jerusalem to the West part.Only two stations are located in Palestinian places (Shofat). The land to built it was confiscated to Palestinians.
9. arab riots
jenifer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.08.14)
let them riot and destroy their OWN neighborhood, and let them live in the rot forever! Israeli government should NOT send anyone in to clean it up! Why use Israeli funds to clean up after their TANTRUM!
10. Most ofthe Israeli cars that travel...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.14)
East Jerusalem are Israeli Arabs. They are hurting their own brothers
11. Interesting - instead of learning from their mistakes
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.08.14)
Arabs keep on making the same ones. They riot, throw stones, Molotov cocktails at police and what?? They are shocked that one of their own, even though a youth (who probably also participated) was wounded and subsequently died. And now, they are out again with the same tactics - who will die next ?
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