Haredi enlistment into IDF up 39 percent
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.09.14, 14:26
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1. If we want to survive as a sane Nation we must seek to bring
down the numbers of Haredim instead of shoving our values down their delicate throats. Their hands are delicate too: seem to have difficulties handling work & such....We create these opportunities for all kind of leeches in our society and then act shocked when people actually take advantage of that! Really???
2. How can you lie again saying that Haredi enlistment up 39%
Moshe   (09.08.14)
when Hesder Rabbi claims that Haredi enlistment has fallen sharply? Whom are you trying to fool with this statement when everyone knows that there were hardly any haredim that enlisted?
3.  'as accurate as Hamas's declaration of a victory'. "
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.14)
I suggest that the author of this nonsense read the full article "NGO Notes Significant Drop in Hareidi Army Enlistment Religious Freedom group debunks Yesh Atid pride over 39% draft increase due to new law 'as accurate as Hamas's declaration of a victory'. "
4. Leave the Haredin alone,already !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.08.14)
Harming them doesn't benefit Israel at all. Quite the opposite.What improved since Lapid confronted them?The Finance? The Defence? G-D promised to the Jewish people His protection at the condition that they adopt His laws,which fortunately the Haredim are committed to. To be honest,we must admit that,It is not so good with women and Haredim,than it is bad without them.
5. #1 If not for Haredim the Jewish nation would not survive.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.08.14)
It's only thanks to Haredim - who are the only Jews that do not compromise on anything - that the Jewish nation survives.
6. #1 as for "leeches" you're probably referring to the secular
Israel   (09.08.14)
self proposed "elite" who are neither in the army, nor protect the land by learning Torah, nor have any merits for the soldiers.
7. 2 Moshe
Robert ,   Antwerp Belgium   (09.08.14)
You seem to be thinking that hesder is the only option haredim have when they go to the army. First there is nahal haredi and in addition many choose civil duty over combat duty.
8. #^ pompus one that you are ...
Al   (09.09.14)
You are nothing more than a troll for the Haredim. The Haredim will get theirs, once that bloody welfare teat is pulled out of their mouths. It will happen as the population is getting sick and tired of these useless boobs. Your "Torah Learning" is nothing more than an excuse for your bloody selfishness. Leave Israel and wait for your Msshiach in Brooklyn. We normal Jews don't need you in Israel. You bring nothing to the table.
9. 8 Al,We know we are nothing more..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.09.14)
than dust ,but when we look around we feel much better. May the coming New Year bring you "naches" from your boys ,happiness and good health,Al and to Israel unity ,love and peace.
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