Consumers will be able to sue cartel for damages caused by price fixing
Tomer Ganon
Published: 09.09.14, 23:01
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1. Punitive Damages
Civil Lawyer ,   Los Angeles - US   (09.12.14)
Missing from the Israeli court systems is punitive damages that could served onto defendants who are chutzpadik in pushing around the little guys.. For example insurance companies in Israel do this the all the time.. File a claim and the companies will put the consumer through the seven circles of hell before they pay off... and if the consumer brings a lawsuit.. and can afford the cost of the court fees, lawyer and can wait five years.. then the insurance then just pays what it should have.. but.. if there a real down side.. of punitive damages facing them.. for say ten times the original amount if they lose.. it might create a level playing field and more fair and proper management of business relations with the public.
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