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Largest sports arena in Middle East set to open in Jerusalem
The Media Line
Published: 12.09.14, 00:44
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1. middle east stadiums must be pretty small
zionist forever   (09.12.14)
I hope this stadium is a great success and brings a lot of joy to many but if a stadium that seats 11,600 is the largest in the Middle East then how big is the average stadium in the Middle East. In Europe the average Premier League football stadium holds 60,000 - 70,000.
2. Arena vs Stadium
This may be the largest indoor arena in the Middle East, but there are far larger outdoor venues in Israel alone, incluing Teddy Stadium right next door, and the new Sami Ofer in Haifa and multiple others (Bloomfeld, Ramat Gan National, Netanya).
3. to Zionist Forever
Jonathan ,   Toronto   (09.12.14)
Note that this article is about a sports arena (i.e. indoor complex). This does not relate to football stadiums. Oh and by the way, only 3 teams in the premier league have stadiums that seat over 50,000
4. stadium
michael ermon miller ,   Temple, Tx USA   (09.12.14)
is it big enuf to host American style football games?? Maybe the Dallas Cowboys would play the Seattle Seahawks there....
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