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Study: Ashkenazi Jews are offspring of one family
Dudi Goldman
Published: 11.09.14, 20:47
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1. So they r NOT related to European Sephardic & Italian Jews?
Peres Galan y Tejera ,   Israel   (09.11.14)
and since when are breast cancer & cystic fibrosis uniquely Ashkenazi Jewish diseases? and why did such a short article find it so important to include the disclaimer: "It should be clear, however, that the study's goal was not prove how talented and successful Ashkenazi are, but to find a medical solution to serious genetic disorders among Ashkenazi Jews, including cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs and breast cancer."? Basically, I don't buy this!
2. I hope Jack the Ripper was not my cousin.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.11.14)
3. A waste of time,since by marrying
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.11.14)
healthy Sefardi Jews with smart AShkenazim we might develop a smart and healthy entire Jewish population,Lol
4. The author is way too excited
Koresh HaParsi ,   Long Beach, NY, USA   (09.12.14)
What does the part "Have you been called an Ashkenazi nerd" have to do with anything? + at the end he says its not a study to prove intellectual prowess, etc...yet he seems fixated on that. To the utter horror of anti-Semites, this study disproves the "Khazar theory". To the chagrin of Ashkenazim, now they cannot make fun of Sfaradim anymore and say "you guys are all related". hahaha That's all. Many Ashkenazim seem extremely invested in establishing acknowledgement of their intellectual superiority over both their Jewish brothers and non-Jews. To that I say- times and places change, everything equalizes. I've seen smart Ashkenazim and dumb ones, and also smart Sfaradim and dumb ones. I am a year one medical student and I've helped a few of my Ashkenazi friends get towards their goal when they needed help. Same with my Sfaradi friends. We are all brothers.
5. Def written by an ashkenaz
Inetfraud ,   US/IL   (09.12.14)
What an idiotic comment to make: "not to show how talented Ashkenazi Jews are..." Yeah: Maimonides & Rashi are shlumps. Surprised they weren't searching for the 'arrogant' Gene of Ashkenazim. What a garbage article.
6. ORA (#3)
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.12.14)
Very good out World :-)
7. BTW intelligence does pass forward by magic...
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (09.12.14)
one needs to study and learn and develop oneself. and BTW all y'all have forgotten to really check where the women from this group of 350 came from...they are in fact non-Jewish locals...because you know that I know that you know that Sara, Rivka, Rachel and Leah weren't blond haired blue eye beauties... so I don't think you have any special claims here excepting your own arrogant point of view that Ashkenazim are somehow better than the rest of us. Get over yourselves. and yes just as #1 asks since when are breast cancer and cystic fibrosis uniquely Ashkenazi Jewish diseases?
8. We are all One Family.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.12.14)
That was obvious. We didn't need DNA testing to prove it.
9. 2 Michael,keep calm,more likely
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.12.14)
that Yankele and many more Haredim are your cousins.
10. Jacob the ripper was an arch-criminal
Jhan   (09.13.14)
We can all be very proud that it took so many years to track him down, the man was a genius.
11. Ashkenazi Jews
Abel Kotze (Nussbaum ,   Pretoria, S. Africa   (09.13.14)
If this is true, then there were a total of only about 4 million Ashkenazi Jews in the early 1940s, disputing the killing of 6 million Jews during WW2!!!
12. 30th cousins ?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (09.12.14)
In some groups such as German strictly Orthodox Jews, most are 2nd, 3rd or 4th cousins. Most German Jews were not religious enough for marriage, and marrying Polish Jews was unlikely, so people married withn a limited range of 'acceptable' families. In some Jewish community, not German, Jews married first cousins, which Jewish Law allows, but doctors discourage. Today, the Jewish world is a smaller place and even the strictly Orthodox are likely to meet potential spouses from Europe, Israel and the USA. And, of course, we test for Ashkenazic illnesses.
13. Reply to 2 MIchael in CA
Danny ,   NYC   (09.12.14)
There's a greater chance you are related to Jack the Dripper or Jackson Pollak. He was closer to CA.
14. Facebook Wes Polakniak:
A ,   Belgium   (09.13.14)
I seem to sense a touch of jealousy in your posts and justifiably, as your genetic pool probably includes incestious liasons and barnyard animals.
15. #11: NOT necessarily
Israeli 2   (09.14.14)
The other 2 million Jews could be Sephardim or Mizrachim
16. to: Elzbieta Kowalsky on Europe vs. Mid-East fractions
jdc ,   New York   (09.14.14)
The original article explains that Europeans are themselves a mixture of more ancient Europeans and "new comers" from the Mid-East around 20K years ago. The article says that Ashkenazi Jews are an "even" mixture of Mid_easterners and Europeans (themselves being part Mid_eastern from earlier settling of Europe)
17. Everybody relax please, it is irrelevant
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (09.22.14)
What is relevant is that all humans, (Jews and Gentiles alike) are descendants of Homo Erectus and that the first humans (Homo Sapiens) were black and roamed Africa before some of them migrated to other places.
18. #7 Would be great if a study were done
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (09.28.14)
to see if the same genetic material is responsible for rejecting many of our scientifically backed comments.
19. true
m   (10.01.14)
What about the Greek, Croatian, Slovakian, some Bulgarians, lots of Ukrainians, Lybians... should I continue? ALL sephardi, even some Romanians. There is a saying that one who doesn't know silence is best. No need to give faulty ammunition to deniers
20. you may come from the apes (from Holland) I come from Hashem
m   (10.01.14)
21. Jews
Mical ,   Usa   (10.06.14)
Ora, Are your implying that Ashkenazi Jews are the smart ones and the Sfaradic Jews are the healthy but not smart? If that's your thinking then I'll call on every Sfaradic jew to marry a non jew and not an Ashkenazi Jew. Tired of the degrading of the Sfaradic Jews.
22. such anger in these talkbacks
Daweed   (10.09.14)
The article, and the research it reports on, are entirely reasonable and inoffensive. Ashkanazi Jews are genetically about half Jews originating in the middle east and half other European. No shock there. Most Ashkanazi are related going back to the middle ages. No shock there. Jews try to marry within the tribe, but there is some intermarriage. Shocking! The anger here is unjustified.
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