French Hill residents call for new fence
Assaf Kamar
Published: 12.09.14, 23:33
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1. Democracy seems unable to deal with riots.
Johannes ,   Norway   (09.13.14)
2. Another "dome" in the middle of our own living-room??!
3. Enforce the law.
Simantov ,   Israel   (09.13.14)
Asking for a fence is playing into the hands of those who are working at dividing our nation. What is needed is strict law enforcement. But ultimately the answer is do 2Chronicles 7:14
4. shoot rioters and stop this now!
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (09.13.14)
5. Armon Hanzativ dangerous place to live
SurBaherFenceNOW ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.13.14)
After the violent rock throwing that nearly killed an infant girl in Armon Hanatziv and the violent "fireworks " of rejoicing when the 3 teenagers bodies were found we need a fence in Armon Hanatziv also The blind hate of our "neighbors" is felt nightly here but no one seems to care many residents would leave if they had an opportunity and this would become a "ghost town" Shame on our police and so called leaders.
6. Fence? How utterly ridiculous!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.13.14)
Just deport all the "palestinians" to Gaza, where they can work REALLY hard to effectuate their much ballyhooed "unity government." Israel is not the crash test government of the ersatz "palestinians." We just do not want these primitive terrorist and violent miscreants in our midst. Guess what? The ersatz "palestinians" were the aggressors in six wars. They lost all six. Throw them out of our country -- which includes Judea, Samaria and Gaza -- and let them make their way in Doha. Surely the Qataris are willing to render more than lip service! Aren't they? If not -- well, that would be a problem for the ersatz "palestinians." Not for the sovereign State of Israel. Israel spends far too much money on these "palestinian" primitive terrorists. Time to kick them out, and let them find their way elsewhere. There are twenty-one Arab nations. Surely they would welcome their brother Arabs with open arms. If not -- well, that's still not Israel's problem. Perhaps Obama will take them in. Or the European Union. They are more than welcome to those terrorist "palestinian" thugs and terrorists. Well, go ahead! Take them. We most assuredly do not want them. Give them a home, why don't you? Or is your hypocrisy limited to lip service? No matter. One or another way, we are going to deport these craven terrorists from the Jewish state. Make a home for them -- or don't. Not Israel's problem.
7. Useless
Richard S. ,   Miami, USA   (09.14.14)
People say that the other residents feel neglected because of lack of investment. It is useless to invest in them. Look at Shuafat. Israel extended the light rail to them and built them a station to improve their transportation at a great cost. Then they go about destroying and torching all of it in a riot.
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