IDF concerned of possible Hezbollah invasion of northern Israel
Yoav Zitun
Published: 14.09.14, 18:49
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1. Oh boy !
Mike ,   NZ   (09.14.14)
Pull your heads in all of you . . . you stupid idiots ! Your'e doing nothing but expelling hot air. Let Israel quietly organize itself for the next round without all your chest thumping and hand wringing.
2. "islam"-"hezbollah" and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (09.14.14)
When/if "islam"-"hezbollah" commits/will commit agression/war/crime against Israel, Israel has the fullest right to defeat/to destroy "islam"-"hezbollah" completely. MAY G.D ALSO BLESS ISRAEL!
3. They're looking for those ''spying rocks''
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (09.14.14)
4. very possible but unlikely
zionist forever   (09.14.14)
I would certainly not put it pst Hezbollah to try an operation like this but right now chances of them messing with Israel is low considering they are tied up in Syria. It seems all to convenient that when the government is discussing the military budget suddenly an immediate threat from Hezbolah has arisen. This sounds to me very like an IDF scare story to get the money they NEED but Lapid doesn't want to give.
5. Hope that PM will read Steven ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (09.14.14)
Rosenfeld Facebook brilliant TB, that says it all in a few words.
6. If ever Hizboolah dare cross into Israel
Surprise   (09.14.14)
they will be in for a huge surprise. Among them, leveling south Beyrouth will be one of many. Have you already cleared your huge munds of rubble from 2006 ?
7.  planing for short invasion
ky   (09.14.14)
simply because any Hez over 5ft will get their hair cut by IDF
8. Hisbaula
Sam ,   Belgium   (09.14.14)
Build a wall like in the west bank
9. can't be true
Hezbollah has the military might to attack Israel? It can't be true, at least that is what the Israeli Left (Peres, Barak, Herzog, Yehimovitch we're talking about you) promised when they destroyed the SLA in Lebanon to "give peace a chance". Except it is true, Hezbollah can attack Israel, exactly as predicted by the Zionists. Now the real question: the Left was 100% wrong about Gaza, Lebanon and the Golan, and the Right was 100% correct. What is wrong with Israelis, that there are still people who support the Left?
10. When their offensive is defeated
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (09.15.14)
Israel will border Turkey and Damascus will be a ruinous heap. Then God will deal with the rest of humanity.
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