22 Palestinians arrested in East Jerusalem unrest
Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
Published: 16.09.14, 12:52
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1. Just deport them all
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.14)
Then, no more problems with violent rioters. And what's this nonsense about "minors?" You commit an adult crime, I don't care if you're nine years old -- you get treated like an adult. Including remand and prison time. Following which, deportation. If their families object -- okay, deport them, too. Apples rarely fall far from the tree. That includes bad apples.
2. Build a pal kiddy jail.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (09.16.14)
Get these violent brats into jail and make sue they understand that if they persist, it will be for years.
3. #2 Sarah B.'s idea better
A ,   Belgium   (09.16.14)
Why should the already overburdened Israeli taxpayer be required to pay so that these parasites can have 3 decent meals a day, a bed, a shower, internet; maybe even an education. Better to send them with a one way ticket to the king of "palestine" Abdullah. Maybe he can put them to good use when IS is knocking on the doors of his phony "kingdom".
4. Short sentences ?...Early releases ?
Roland ,   london England   (09.16.14)
5. even in America they shoot rock throwers. Better change
Israeli law & thin ,   out the rabble   (09.16.14)
6. Apparently you're all a punch of ignorant idiots
Jerusalem   (09.16.14)
Enough said!
7.  # 3 I agree.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (09.16.14)
Maybe one day IS will be isn't? Deportation is preferable, after some jail time.
8. deportation is the key
Steven ,   San Francisco   (09.16.14)
Deport the troublemakers after they serve their prison sentences. An appropriate idea, but of course with "Bibi" as PM there will be no deportations, just like nothing significant is being built for Jews, nothing is happening for Jews on the Temple Mount, and precious little is happening to protect the citizens of Jerusalem, etc.
9. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.17.14)
How many degrees from Harvard do YOU have? I, personally, have two. And the word is "bunch," not "punch."
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