Senior MI officer: Israel would share intel on ISIS, if asked
Yoav Zitun
Published: 18.09.14, 01:10
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1. blow up the majority of oil fields in iraq and syria
CJK   (09.18.14)
without substantial funds isis will not survive.
2. Why should we share anything?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.18.14)
Israel has been warning the West for fifteen years. To no avail. Obama's administration has been the worst. It was during his tenure that the Gulf states and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia threw their hands up in disgust. They no longer trust the United States (gee, can't think why) and have turned for support to Israel. Make no never mind of the knee-jerk rhetoric that the Gulf States and the Kingdom pay to the Arab Street. They have sought support from Israel, and Israel has promised that support. The Gulf States and the Kingdom have promised Israel air corridor access and refueling, as needed, whenever needed. No one trusts the United States. People are not blind. On the one hand, you have Obama giving a passionate speech to the nation about how well-armed ISIS is, without explaining to the American people that the reason ISIS is so well-armed has a great deal to do with Obama's decision to haul Americans out of Iraq, but to leave their equipment -- we're talking two armored corps -- around seventy tanks and ninety armed personnel carriers with offensive capability; tens of thousands of assault rifles with one million rounds of ammunition; around twenty-five top of the line Apache helicopters -- well, that's how ISIS has gotten so well armed. Qatar is responsible, too. They pour billions -- yes, I said billions -- of dollars into arming ISIS. Quite frankly, there isn't a single other Gulf State and very definitely not the Kingdom that would mind seeing Qatar settle into the desert sands. The United States has no intelligence about ISIS. Obama made quite sure of that. Well, let the Moslem-in-Chief handle this on his own. Do not share ANY intelligence with the U.S. administration -- it is an enemy. When the disaster of Obama has ended -- impeachment, assassination, I care not how -- he is guilty of treason and should be put to death -- Israel can help the Arab states who have become our allies grow stronger and reassert themselves as regional powers and take steps against Iran. Obama has single-handedly destroyed stability in the Middle East. He has abandoned all of America's traditional allies, including Israel. Don't waste Israeli intelligence -- which far surpasses that of any -- on Obama. Or set the price really, REALLY high -- Israel will annex Judea and Samaria. The illegal Arabs currently occupying Judea and Samaria will be sent away. That's the bar, Obama. Meet it, or face unmitigated disaster in the Middle East in your self-engineered war against ISIS. Israelis like America. Israelis like Americans. We just don't like traitors and idiots such as Obama and his chattering chipmunks. They need to go. One or another way.
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