Hamas leader: Hamas won, but long term truce deal needed
Associated Press
Published: 18.09.14, 21:42
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1. won what?
chaim ,   canada   (09.18.14)
You mean you didn't lose your life in the battle. Call that winning?
2. if this was a win
arne ,   chicago usa   (09.18.14)
what would a loss look like?better they don't look bad to their public--let them behave and they will have peace--Israel does not want war--if the arabs want peace let them show it--enough threats.
3. Israel must change its policy buyt hamas….
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (09.19.14)
makes no mention of the fact that they are the ones who need to change their policies. In light of the coming conflict with islamic / muslim fundementalism, they are the ones who are on the back foot and need to change their policies, way of thinking and most certainly way of life!! Shabbat Shalom
4. Jezebel's disciples...
Rinah   (09.19.14)
lied and stole Naboth's vineyard; they killed him...martyrs for Allah. Lies and theft precede murder.
5. Perfect Example Why arabs Are Stuck
In 7th Century, their mentality is Not Illogical and they live in world on too their own!!!!
6. hamASS won warLOLOLOLOLO
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (09.19.14)
I hope they win every war like this last one! Just wait till they lose!!!
7. Doesnt want war?
Yosef ,   Dania   (09.19.14)
that's right they want the Islamic peace witch is total annihilation of their enemies. In this case will start with the Jewish people and will finish with the rest of the world
8. Since every Arab speaking is automatically an Arab lying, we
don't need him to explain what Hamas wants or not. We know. It has been unashamedly stated by these Arabs time after time: total annihilation of the State of Israel. The rest is just "explanations" meant for the stupid Europeans & Americans.
9. Winning means:
Shadoil79 ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.14)
Open boarders,airport,land transit,ports and not having to ask people in Qatar if you can wipe your own ass.
10. Whatever Zookie says today,Mashaal denies tomorrow
Alan ,   SA   (09.19.14)
11. The great gaza VICTORY, dead: 2100+, 20,000 bldgs destroyed,
Jew 6Pack ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (09.19.14)
The fabulous great Gazan WAR 2014 VICTORY.., here's the score: Jews 8, arabs, -1 dead: 2100+, Gazans wounded Gazans: 24,000+ 200,000+ Homeless Gazans 20,000+ Gazans bldgs destroyed, no food, water, electric or fuel, Thousands upon thousands flee Gaza through escape tunnels and smuggling routes. THAT'S WHAT insane hamass POINTs TO "YET ANOTHER FABULOUS GAZAN VICTORY"...No one or no site left intact, but a victory none the less. BTW/ EVERYbody refers to spooky Marzooky as Mr.#2... as in #2 (poop)
12. I like the perhic victory of gaza
JEWSTER ,   NYC NY USA   (09.19.14)
nothing left standing or to hide under.
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