'We don't have food for the holiday'
Omri Efraim
Published: 18.09.14, 23:57
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1. The haredi bloodsuckers in Yeshivot ...
Donna ,   Netanya   (09.19.14)
who take money and give NOTHING in return, (financial or security wise) are a huge financial burden, as well as all the foreigners "studying" and receiving Bituach Leumi here on our money. Some stay for years and refuse to be Israeli, and work under the table. My tax dollars should not have to pay for the 6 children they cannot afford. Bibi whores to the religious to stay in power. People need to stand up and say, I am not supporting you anymore. We need to feed our hungry.
2. Disgraceful
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.14)
Can we PLEASE just stop endless spending on: 1. Illegal African migrants. 2. Providing free humanitarian and medical aid to Gazans. 3. Providing free electricity, free fresh water and free food to Gaza. 4. The care and feeding of United Nations troops and observer forces who are living it up in Israel at the taxpayer's expense. 5. Providing free education and computer access to security prisoners in Israel's prisons. 6. Providing free medical care and humanitarian aid to West Bank Arabs. No Jew in the State of Israel should have to go hungry; no Jew in the State of Israel should have to choose between purchasing medicine and purchasing food. Enough already of being the world's freyers. Philanthropy begins at home. That means, for Jews. The United Nations needs to assume responsibility for African illegals, and it needs to assume responsibility for the UN forces who have fled Syria for Israel (and not, mind you, Jordan or Lebanon or Iraq or Turkey). JEWS COME FIRST!
3. We certainly could and should do better than this!
4. Severely Disgraceful Time for redistribution of Wealth
Zechariah   (09.19.14)
It being the Shmita Year the Redistribution of wealth is Essential.World interest Rates are low and the budger Deficit ought be increased plus Those That CanHelp out the government who are well off in Israel and the Gallus ought Loan on low interest for housing that will grow in capital asset.They ought buy and build in Israel for low rents giving Renters a chance to buy their rented homes.
5. food
eddiE ,   south A.   (09.19.14)
SARAH B USA... you said it clearly, you are a star !...I vote for you
6. It's not true it just isn't
Booboo Yahoo   (09.19.14)
Everything is just fine here, me and my friends are doing great, never been better!
7. Same story all over the western world as well...get used to
Al   (09.19.14)
it. Sorry to burst every ones bubble. Running an army to ensure you all don't get slaughtered by your peace partners does not cost pennies. That's how she rolls. In spite of all the whining Israel is doing incredibly well considering the tremendous military costs of keeping everyone alive. Stop the whining and be happy. It could be a hell of a lot worse.
8. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.14)
How about we just redistribute the wealth FROM the Arab sector in Judea and Samaria, FROM the illegal African aliens sector, FROM the freeloading Gazans, FROM the freeloading United Nations, who are ready, willing and able to cast vicious aspersions upon the State of Israel at the drop of a hat TO the needy Jews in the State of Israel? Is that sufficient redistribution? You start blowing smoke about "redistribution of wealth" and people start discounting you because you are spewing Marxist junk. Jews are the most philanthropic people on the planet. Jews in the United States (where we number around six million) give more annually to UJA/Federation than all Americans donate to the American Cancer Society. We redistribute our wealth more than any other identifiable group. Someone needs to establish a charity in Israel that benefits EXCLUSIVELY Jews. We give a little over $4 million annually to assorted Jewish philanthropic organizations. I have to tell you that our every expectation is that our donations are exclusively for the use of needy Jews. I assure you that we have absolutely no interest in the care and feeding of needy illegal African aliens; nor do we want to fund anything for Arabs in Judea and Samaria and most definitely do we not want to fund anything for the people of Gaza. If we could have reasonably credible assurances that our money will be used exclusively for Jews (and we very deliberately exclude the Satmar and the Neturei Karta, whom we do not consider Jews), we would likely double, even triple our donations. As it is, we are thinking of eliminating gifts entirely. We don't care about the tax deductibility; frankly, we would rather pay enormous taxes to the State of Israel and the United States and New York State than help any illegal African aliens or Arabs anywhere. Period; full stop. We want our gifts to be used exclusively for assisting needy Jews in the State of Israel. If you're all about redistribution of wealth -- feel free to redistribute yours. But you're not in the least bit interested in philanthropy. You're all about securing income on investments through real estate deals. I, at least, redistribute my wealth not to secure a profit down the road, but rather to help Jews. I'm not all that interested in helping anyone else; least of all Arabs. Aren't there enough phenomenally wealthy Arabs in the world? Why would any Arab need my philanthropy? JEW COME FIRST! ALWAYS!
9. Finance Minister Lapid could help if he had it in his heart.
10. 7th year shmittah
Shmuel. L. Jackson ,   Bnei Blak   (09.19.14)
I see the hareidi power brokers want to import food for the 7th year, even though the Torah says that food grown in Israel should be distributed to the poor.
11. This is the new feudal-corporate world with crony capitalism
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (09.19.14)
All for a few, less and less for all. Israel is no exception.
12. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.19.14)
Well, self-styled Montreal real estate mogul -- how much did YOU contribute to Jewish philanthropic efforts in fiscal 2014 to date? Or are you just suggesting that everyone should do as you say; not as you do? And spare us the story of your children serving in the IDF. Did you serve in the IDF? I certainly did. And you are not the only person whose children serve in the IDF. You're just the only one who trumpets it all the time as if your children are something uniquely sacrificial and special. They're not. So shut up. Stop whining and be grateful for what you have, and remember the Jewish mitzvah of tzedakah.
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