Israel approves $6B investment by Intel
Published: 23.09.14, 00:15
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1. Its all good...The lates R&D stays in Israel
Al   (09.24.14)
300M is pocket change when it comes to technology that will enrich the country by the 10's of billions. If you don't have the education to participate in the technology revolution, you are writing your ticket to a lifetime of poverty. Note to the brain dead.... Get an education that will ensure your economic well being. There is no mitzvah in being a poor shmuck.
2. Intel and BDS
Meyer ,   PARIS   (09.26.14)
BDS mlilitants fight to boycott INTEL for their large facilities in Kiryat Gat. But they cannot convince anybody to let his computer or his smartphone with chips designed and manufactured in K.G. "INTEL inside" says a lot by itself. The first facility in Israel was established in 1974 at Haifa, then in Jeruslaem, Petach Tikva, Kiryat Gat and Yakum.
3. we pay intel keeps the profit
zionist forever   (09.29.14)
Taxpayer foots the bill for a large part of the plants building and taxes will be much lower than the small family run business pays but its a good deal. Basically taxpayers pay for intel to set up its plant and intel keeps the profits from good produced there.
4. Taxes paiid by Intel employees
dAN ,   k"s   (09.30.14)
The taxes paid by Intel employees, support businesses from grocery stores to auto mechanics and the various suppliers will offset the costs of the grant and profit Israel and K. Gat. The rentals paid by temporary staff for housing, the city taxes and even the doctors and hair dressers will benefit from the plant that employs 2-4 thousand workers at above minimum wages.
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