US condemns Abbas's UN speech as 'provocative'
Published: 27.09.14, 12:14
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1. PA policies
Prosper Kanfi ,   Dollard des Ormeaux   (09.27.14)
The news lately is not very encouraging to start wed Mr. Abbas speech is very aggressive, and full of lies. To start with Abbas And Haniyeh do not stand each other. They keep saying that the government they formed, before the 50 days war is steel working. He forgot that during the war these two did not meet at all, and Abbas was left alone to figure out what to do. And the only person he could talk to was Mashal ho was also hiding in Qatar with another figure of Hamas. Now that the war is over, Abbas is trying to show that he is in charge. What kind of government it is, he is trying to convince the world, that he can manage Gaza’s reconstruction and pay salaries to Gaza’s workers. Money they don’t have yet. In any case what ever they will collect, it will go in their pocket. Next Peace with Israel, just because Mr.Natanyahu is a good negotiator, it does not mean he is against it. Abbas is constantly traveling around the world, and threatening to tack Israel to the world court. We all know that he is not serious about that court, because it will turn against him. Next the Obama problem, as long as he is in power, he will find a way to drag thinks. Obama has a different agenda. He is going to let Syrians Muslims to come in the US for the sol purpose to gate votes for the democrats. I am not going to expend on this now.
2. "Where is the state of "palestine", asks the
A ,   Belgium   (09.27.14)
chief terrorist Abbas of the obviously extremely bored United Nothings assembly? Try the east bank of the Jordan River, where you and your "beebole" should migrate to ASAP.
3. "In A Time Of Universal Deceit .....
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.27.14)
Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act." George Orwell said that. He was a wise man. There is a revolution going on right now, a revolution in thought. People the world over are seeing with their own eyes what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people. It is pure evil and no different from what the Nazis did to Jews in WW2. It's obvious to every honest, thinking rational person that the government and military of Israel has committed war crimes in this past attack on Gaza and every military engagement they have been involved in since 1948. Abbas is simply telling the truth. And like the Father of all lies, Netanyahu and the rest of his gang hate the truth. One day Israeli politicians and military personnel will be hunted down and tried in the ICC. Oh they could hide out in the last nation on earth that gives war criminals sanctuary but then the entire world will know what kind of country Israel really is.
4. abbas knows the truth. he fears we will see he is as deadly
ralph   (09.27.14)
virus which must be eradicated. he knows once we catch on we must eradicate him. he is telling the truth. we do not want to see.
5. Yea, Let's Add Another 50 Years ...
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.27.14)
to the military, economic & political occupation of millions of indigenous peoples. Not in American or Judaic Interests & Values ... Not Smart! Or using the other "S" word, Not Sustainable ...
6. well lefties here is reality. the truth. peres you are good
ralph   (09.27.14)
at some things but at others you are a naive dangerous person. abbas is a cancerous virus which must be eradicated. and these so called pal.s are not a people but parasites on israel
7. What a liar and a stupid one at that.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (09.27.14)
Doesn't he realize that here are films contradicting his load of BS? Films of Hamas choosing the UN sites for firing rockets, mortars, etc. ( presumedly the UN had to know about this ) also reports of UN officials returning found Hamas rocket back to Hamas pretty much makes the UN and the terrorists Hamas, Fatah partners in crimes. MNo matter, we expect nothing less from these worthless, losing liars.
8. In short - HE BLEW IT
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.27.14)
Instead of projecting himself as a Statesman with vision commanding respect and support..the old man past it clinging on to power. and clearly so badly advised (Ashrawi again?) uses the opportunity to show himself up as an embarassing almost comical lightweight UN Drama Queen The Palestinian Cause has alot of grass roots support..and this outburst tantrum does nothing to serve our national interest Marks out of 10? 0
9. Abbas endorsed violence, instead of peace
ion-o   (09.27.14)
What another tragic link in the chain of failed Palestinian leaders! Find an intelligent legal scholar as a leader, and discard the pile of lies left back by the grand mufti, his cousin, arafat, hamas and fatah,
10. To #3, W.C.
Gabe ,   Canada   (09.27.14)
You would not think of taking your friend Abbas to the ICC for his involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes, would you ?
11. all leftist peres must now apologize to every israeli.
ralph   (09.27.14)
joyce fraser ,   USA   (09.27.14)
will continue to plot the destruction of Israel, and help arrange the murder of as many Jews as he possibly can!
13. Far from trying to capitalise on the goodwill
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (09.27.14)
This so called SPEECH (Ashrawis Pen?) was pathetic, embarassing maniacal and hollow. Almost like some gross Theatrics...gone horribly wrong IF ONLY he used the Speech to Mobilise the UN to get WATER into the Palestinian West Bank for Industry and Agriculture, Mobilised the UN and World Communitioes to fund roads and rail, electricity, higher education places, Peferential Trade Tariffs........ And speaking about PTT...the BOYCOTTERS in the UK have told me outright they would rather fight for Boycotts against Israel than Preferential Trade Tariffs for Palestinian Goods....Another useless bunch of hangers on to the Palestinian Cause
14. #3 Just added to the universal deceit
History nut ,   Rehovot   (09.27.14)
world citizen - world nut
15. enablers of islamic terror
C   (09.27.14)
what did the obama regime expect from abbas when they have been trashing Israel for the past six years.
16. World Citizen #3
Arnold ,   Montreal   (09.27.14)
You compare Israeli treatment of Palestinians to that of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. Please show we Israelis and Jews where the concentration camps and the gas chambers are? If you cannot prove they exist then I demand an apology from you.
17. stop complaining
Netanyahu has made his government's principle aim strengthening Abbas by treating Israel and Jews like dirt. Building freeze on Jews while helping Aran expansion including building Arab cities, extreme police pressure on Jews while total non-enforcement against Arabs, releasing murderers for the privilege of talking with Abbas. Now Netanyahu complains when Abbas treats him like he deserves?
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