Netanyahu's UN speech draws mixed political response
Moran Azulay, Yitzhak Benhorin, Elior Levy
Published: 30.09.14, 01:06
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1. The difference between Hamas and ISIS and why Obama wouldn't
Moe   (09.30.14)
put them on the same scale. Hamas are ONLY attacking Jews whereas ISIS are attacking non-Jews. That's the difference and that's why you can't put them on the same level, according to the US.
2. Fooq USA troll Ashrawi
Beno   (09.30.14)
Fooq the USA then go to hell
3. Whatever
Brad ,   USA   (09.30.14)
So, the lefties and the Muslim majority voting block in the UN don't like what Bibi said. That's not exactly a surprise. No one ever said lefties and Muslims were intelligent.
4. How depressing it is to read
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto   (09.30.14)
5. Critics are envious that Bibi speech was so effective
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.30.14)
6. When the USA will wake up
Marko ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.30.14)
I am wondering when the USA will wake up and realize that they have to trust their only ally in the middle east and actually understand that Israel is the only country that understand these terrorist and how to deal with them. It seems as if Obama forgot about 09/11. Hopefully he wakes up before it's too late . America stop lying to your self, face reality
7. Hamas not exactly like ISIL
Ron ,   oc us   (09.30.14)
O.K. Hamas is not exactly like ISIL but they are close enough. They won't be head Jews but will kill them outright if given the chance. Is there anything about 10,000 rockets aimed at Israeli civilians that these left wing MK's don't understand. Is there anything in hamas charter that is not clear enough?
8. Palestinians Want Right of Return also
Zechariah   (09.30.14)
The Palestinians want Right of Return for the Refugees displaced by War following the UN adoption of the Partition Plan by two thirds majority and vociferous violent Arabs attacks on Jews particularly the blockade of Jerusalem.But for the Jews there was no right of return really escape from Genocide .Not to Mandated Palestine Not escape to Turkey which was close to Eastern Europe the strums with just hundreds was rejected and not to Any Islamic lands .So No to Right of Return.
9. The world according to Mussleman BHO
Carmen San Diego ,   Biloxi, MS   (09.30.14)
In his first term he belittled the genocidal acts of Hamas as "mischief." In his second term he belittles the genocidal acts of IS/ISIS/ISIL as"nonsense." Come on and get with the program and open your hearts to the belittled genocidal mass murdering extortionists so they can eat them again. Let Bibi continue to cede the land sewn with your blood to those like BHO partner Abbas/Abu Mazen who kill you and US citizens. Ironically those that come to kill us are armed, trained and not just fed by us, but they actually feed on us, their willing victims.
10. left wings reaction proves their moral depravity
ralph   (09.30.14)
11. Left wing paid by Obama and Abu Mazen
Gavriel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.30.14)
Israel's left wing is dangerous for the security of Israeli citizens and world Jewry! The verbal attacks reported in the article show, that the left wing is the paid wing of Abu Mazen and Obama. Shame on them!
12. Go home ,...
split ,   US   (09.30.14)
Nothing insults your listeners more than treating them like idiots ,... This warmongering crap may impress or influence your zio-brain-washed Pavka Morozov caliber herd but not the informed world ,...
13. hamas not isis, and Obama not stupid?
Michel ,   Ashkelon   (09.30.14)
14. US has opinion about Hamas? US is in Sderot?
Miron ,   USA   (09.30.14)
Whose press organ this YNet? Are you Israeli press organ or Anti - Israel press organ?
15. the speech
mike ,   Seattle, USA   (09.30.14)
The Prime Minister was totally correct. There is no difference among the radical Islam groups. Isis, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran. They all love death, want to destroy Israel, and are willing to sacrifice their women and children to achieve their goals. They announce this to the world on a daily basis. They are proud of their barbarism. A terrorist is a terrorist, even if the people he is murdering are Jews. There is not one set of rules for those who want to slaughter Jews and another set of rules for those who want to slaughter everyone else. How many suicide bombings, massacres and beheadings will it take before the world wakes up and realizes these people are just not normal?
16. Fear not,; humanity can provide no trouble for God
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (09.30.14)
God knows what all of us humans are about and He will have mercy on whom He will and there is nothing that all of humanity combined can do that will prevent God from preserving Israel. Thanks and praise be unto you Lord God Almighty.
17. Mr. President
David Fakheri ,   L A USA   (09.30.14)
Mr. president how on earth you are defending the Muslims Like Hamas when it comes to compression with ISIS?. Don't you hear and don't see the news that Hamas is doing the same barbaric acts to the muslims of gaza who allegedly suspect them as the enemies of the revolution ( most, the Muslims Of Gaza) in the name of Quran exactly the way that ISIS does
18. US tries to destroy ISIL, Israel tries to save Hamas
Harri ,   EU   (09.30.14)
Without war, Abbas would have Hamas under his thumb, but Netanyahu came to rescue Hamas, like he always will. Right wingers need good enemies as much as Hamas needs right wing governments in Israel.
19. The only reason Hamas is not Isis is:
Bob   (09.30.14)
The only reason Hamas is not Isis is because Hamas does not control oil wells nor did they get access to advanced weapons and because Israel and Egypt stand in their way to prevent their territory expansion goals. Ideologically they are the same.
20. Israeli left infallibly wrong on EVERY major issue.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.30.14)
It is laughable for the Israeli left to lecture Bibi on his supposed "failure". The Israeli left is infallibly wrong on EVERY major issue. Barely a year ago, these idiots urged Israel to cede the Golan!! From Oslo to Disengagement to Arafat to...everything, Israeli leftist opinion has no value. Except as a reverse barometer.
21. and you trust anything the usa/obama/state dept says? fool
ralph   (09.30.14)
22. Psaki is not USA
Brod ,   USA   (09.30.14)
Ignorant Psaki speaks for herself. She does not represent USA. In fact, she should be fired for incompetence and ignorance. If she thinks HAMAS are not fanatical Islamists like ISIS, she should not be at the State Department. Kerry should fire her. If she is a robot of Kerry and Obama, it is time for Congress to impeach them. They are a threat to America and Israel.
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