Israeli cargo ship heads for LA to unload after Oakland protest
Published: 30.09.14, 08:39
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1. There are about 250000 Israelis live the west coast
JJJ   (09.30.14)
There are about 250000 Israelis live the west coast, most are NEMUSHOT. Israelis could mount a large counter demonstration, furthermore, In the war in Gaza the Arabs had large demonstrations. The Israeli NEMUSHOT didn't bother to go out and try to protect Israeli interest as a matter of fact many Israelis don't care
2. no cops called???
mo   (09.30.14)
3. sue oakland police
mo   (09.30.14)
for aiding and abbeting hate crime.. They must have been armed or long shoreman are now short on bravery or they are all arabs at this point Sue the cops for inaction/collusion.
4. Illegal Action
ik ,   USA   (09.30.14)
ILWU is complicit in this illegal action. Fire them all and replace them with workers willing to earn a wage.
5. Really?
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (09.30.14)
If you want to Boycott Israel do it the right way by not using computer (chips made here) cell phones (invented here) do not go to hospitals with latest technologies do not use vegetables with hydroponia technologie etc.. Don't be hypocrites do it right!!!!and... Get a job!!!
6. BDS Movement Is Growing In USA
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.30.14)
It is growing in the universities. It is growing among the African-American community. It is growing among civil liberties groups. It is growing in the labor unions The longshoremen on the docks of Oakland did not unload the ship because they too understand they most stand on the right side of history. The Movement is worldwide and growing everyday.
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