Iran to help Lebanon army fight extremists
Associated Press
Published: 30.09.14, 14:32
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1. Wow what Batsum they have in tehran
The Worlds Largest Sponsor Of Terrorism is going to supply Faux lebanese army with Arms??? What ever they display to the World is just Distraction from goal of Regional Domination, as long as tehran Runs Ruff Shot on All neighbors Without Being Questioned of their motives, when questioned Of Their Motive then tehran Makes Nice,Denies Accusations and all is fine, anyone who trusts tehran Has a Suprise Waiting for them? And it Ain't Good!!!
2. has nothing to do with extremists
zionist forever   (09.30.14)
Iran know their ally Assad is living n borrowed time and when he falls then Iran all have lost its last arab ally They already have a proxy army in the form of Hezbollah now they want to buy the national army turn Lebanon into an Iranian puppet satellite star in bed with Ian politically and militarily.
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