Palestinian official likens Netanyahu to ISIS leader
Published: 30.09.14, 21:04
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1. the Palestinians
mike ,   seattle   (09.30.14)
Why do you even print what the Palestinians say? They will never change their story. They are determined to kill Jews and destroy Israel, and they call it oppression when the Jews defend themselves and refuse to go quietly to their deaths.
2. I'm glad the Pal 2-State solution is dead
Shep ,   Memphis   (09.30.14)
You will see over the next few years a new alternative solution to the Israel/Palestiinian problem: Palestine will be in the Sinai desert and include Gaza. The Pals in the West Bank will be a Canton of the state and they will all be citzens of Palestine. This train started out of the station last month under the suggestion of Egyptian Preident Al-SIsi's government and was rejected immediately by Hamas and Abbas. The reality is that over time they will realize it really is the better option, whether they like it or not.
3. Ereket is obviously quite jealous of Bibi
A ,   Belgium   (09.30.14)
While Bibi is "multitalented" as Ereket claims he is, Ereket himself is capable of but one thing: telling lies.
4. !! Pals: Where does our money go?
Ovadiah ben Avraham ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.01.14)
Eventually, all the anti-Semitic propaganda in the world can't cover the rising generational Arab dissatisfaction in betraying leaders. Mubarak fell. Saddam was hanged. Assad is on the ropes. No-one predicted those tragic endings. It's been a hell-of-a-ride, but the clock is ticking for Hamas/PA also.
5. Palestinian problem
David Levine ,   Littleton, USA   (10.01.14)
Shep, You don't get it. They don't want a State. They want us out of the ME or dead. They will never accept anything but the annihilation of Israel.
6. Copycat by Erakat the Barking Kat
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.01.14)
7. Dr. Goebbels in black/red/green/white
Marek ,   Praha, Czech Rep.   (10.01.14)
Who kills the settlers , who burnt abandoned synagogues in Gaza, who is sending missiles, who detonates himself among children, terorizes civilians by bulldozers and all possible means?? He has no excuse, so he uses lies. King of Lie exposed.
8. who have the settlers killed lately?
9. Eregat of Pal terror inc,compares Bibi to El Bagdadi
Alan ,   SA   (10.01.14)
You have to hand it to Eregat. One of the chief terror protagonists of the Pals What a joker
10. How to Lose One's Credibility
Joe ,   Israel   (10.01.14)
Erekat's ranting and raging against Israel could be condensed into a classic text "On How to Lose Friends and Alienate People".Why would anyone sit down with him to negotiate anything?
11. Time to TRANSFER the ARABS OUT of Israel!
BY FORCE   (10.01.14)
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