Tel Aviv's legendary mayor Shlomo Lahat passes away
Gilad Morag, AP
Published: 01.10.14, 09:18
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1. Good riddance to bad rubbish
Beno   (10.01.14)
Fooq TA with its unsightly Russian whorehouses on every dingy nasty filthy corner. Potential oleh, make sure you take a complete trip of TA not just that one little strip of beach before making up your mind if you want to live in a country controlled by the Russian mafia. linger, stay in the hotels, experience the Russian customer service, before you make up your mind...
2. "Hard-line" is reposnible for peace with Egypt
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (10.01.14)
When will the left learn peace can only be achieved from a position of strength?
3. #1, That's how you know TA, pimp ?
Z.Lazkow ,   Israel   (10.01.14)
4. #1, actually you're partially right
Z.Lazkow ,   israel   (10.01.14)
I re-read again, and yes, you partially right. TA is dirty and polluted like Bejing and Shanghai. 75% of all cars running on DIESEL !!! It wasn't like that in the '60s-'70s. This is CRIME. This is how people get deceases, cancer - from DIESEL. It's buses, sherut taxis, all french mini-commercial cars of type of Kangoo, all using diesel. Not surprising every second person gets cancer.
5. May he rest in peace & his family consoled
Dina   (10.01.14)
6. #1 Disrespectful
Miri   (10.02.14)
Whether you agree with the mans politics or not, it is disrespectful to slander the dead. He is a jew who dedicated his life to the state of Israel, He is also somebodies loved one and you my friend should learn to show some respect especially as we face Yom Kippur
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