Palestinian-born candidate runs for Berlin mayor
Associated Press
Published: 02.10.14, 11:04
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1. Congratulations
Veronique ,   Israel   (10.02.14)
Good luck to you!
2. How can that be?
steve from raleigh   (10.02.14)
The UN considers him a refugee.
3. He knows what to say ..afterall he is running for office..
Al   (10.02.14)
I find it hilarious that the god damn Germans who made it a career to kill Jews will have Arabs running their governments. I wish them ....nothing good.
4. Zal Lackow is an idiot Putin supporter disturbed individual
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.02.14)
5. This a German Anti Israel expression
MakeNoMistake ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.02.14)
Make no mistake this is part of the ever growing anti Israel/anti Semitic culture of Germany and the votes for him will come from the far right the far left the Turks and the ordinary German voter that has always harbored "quiet" hate of the Jew , they have all teamed up under the guise of "tolerance" This is the biggest "In your face Jew" of the ever growing hate of Israel and the Jewish Homeland by the "enlightened New Germany"
6. What's next? Chancellor of Eurabia?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.02.14)
7. Palestinian-born???
Leo ,   Ukrain   (10.02.14)
On average, in every of his poems Mayakovski invented 8 new russian words. Do you try to invent a new word in every headline?
8. #5 The mayor of Frankfurt/M, Peter Feldmann, is a Jew
How does that fit into your "expertise"? And how do you explain the fact, that according to a survey in August, only 11% of the Berliners want Saleh to be the next major. Even among the voters of his own political party, Saleh has only the support of 14%. According to your "logic" this would mean that the vast majority of Berliners are pro-Israel.
9. A.rab P.ropaganda report :"Palestinian-born candidate",
A ,   Belgium   (10.02.14)
but the article never says where in Jordan he is from.
10. # 8 Keep dreaming @ your expense
TheEternallyNaive ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.03.14)
Tuvia Tenenbom's book written as a Jew undercover of modern Germany's Anti Semitism "Alone Among Germans" and "I Slept in Hitler's Bedroom" speaks volumes and the SPD to which the "Liberal" Jewish mayor of Frankfort belongs is notorious for its Anti Semitic comments by its politicians so dream on at your or my own expense sadly
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