Israelis take to the streets for Yom Kippur; three children seriously hurt during holiday
Published: 04.10.14, 20:38
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1. Sad article
Shani ,   Israel, Israel   (10.04.14)
Nobody should be cycling on the highways or swimming on the beach on Yom Kippur. This is a serious day - not a vacation day! Every Jew should be in Synagogue or at home praying to G-d for forgiveness and a good year.
2. Israelis celebraate Yom Kippur invarious ways.
Bob K ,   Orlando fl USA   (10.05.14)
It is said that a picture says 1000 words. Ynet presented two contrasting Israeli scenes on Yom Kippur: one the young, seemingly non-observant Israeli riding bikes, going to the beach and walking down traffic free roads and secondly, black-hatted Orthodox men at the kotel and saying Tashlich on Rosh Hashana. What is missing? Firstly, the vast bulk of religious Jews who do not wear black but 'modern clothes' while going to synagogues on Yom Kippur. Secondly there were no pictures of observant women and children. Had they disappeared from view? Has Ynet joined the anti-Orthodox camp which focuses on the men at the wall and omits the women and children? Is Ynet suggesting that modern, cool trendy young Israelis would rather be out riding their bikes or going to the beach than praying and fasting. I look forward to seeing a wide-ranging more representative photo view of Israelis on Yom Kippur in Ynet News next year...
3. Religion is silly
Don ,   Chicago USA   (10.05.14)
Holy days are a silly archaic idea. Israel is a beautiful place IN SPITE of the weird religious people, not because of it. Tel Aviv is Israel, everywhere else is just some place for religious fanatics.
4. #1, Nothing sad at all about it
Essie HaKohane ,   USA   (10.05.14)
It is wonderful that Israel is a democratic country that allows its citizens to practice their religion as they wish. Those that take to the beaches are also performing the ultimate mitzvah of residing in the State of Israel. Not only are they residents, but they contribute to the vibrant economy, are part of the cultural richness and most importantly rise to defend the State. Contrast this latter point to the many that feel the obligation to go to synagogue but do nothing to defend the country of their residence. I know I am just a diaspora Jew, but your ideas and conviction runs hollow.
5. 1 Shani is that so?
Miri   (10.05.14)
Every Jew should be in the Synagogue? Really even the ones that are not religious or do not believe in the bearded man in the sky? What a load of Male cow droppings. Believe what you want but don't force religion or others or judge and slanders others by religious rules they do not live by. Great day for a picnic BTW.
6. Association between intelligence and religiosity
dbnnet ,   n/a   (10.05.14)
A LARGE number of studies have proven a SIGNIFICANT negative association between intelligence and religiosity. This detail is freely available (Google it) at the University of Rochester, NY, & Northeastern University, Boston. A clear result from the above was that Atheists generally performed vastly better in IQ tests! This is the reality - Like it or not!
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