South TA residents criticize government on migrant policy
Gilad Morag
Published: 04.10.14, 23:39
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1. Human Rights Democracy
Zechariah   (10.05.14)
'Do not go with a Mob to do evil' quotes the Torah one of those classic deeply humanitarian commands .The Gallus Post Shoah remember the Mass Rallies of Nuremberg and find it hard to believe all Africans are murderers Robbers and Rapists .The Guilty Incarcerate by all Means .The Innocent don't Oppress One Law for the Jew one Law for the Alien in your midst .
2. the only possibility
The High Court will strike down any solution that will protect the residents of south Tel Aviv. The only solution is to house the refugees near the homes of the High Court judges
3. Simple solution deport them all tomorrow
Mordechai   (10.05.14)
Just deport them all. They are here illegally. If the Supreme court objects deport them too.
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