PA ordered to compensate Israeli family over deadly attack
Published: 06.10.14, 22:04
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1. If the Arabs have the military Power The Jews have to Retali
Zechariah   (10.06.14)
2. Compensate Israel you've must be kidding
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.07.14)
Hamas is a resistance movement against 60Y of Israel land thievery and mass murder of a people whose only crime is that Israel covets Palestinian resources. Expect compensation from the Palestinians when Israel start paying restitution and reparation to the Palestinians.
3. afraid of their shadows
completed puzzled ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.08.14)
Why stop here.. the PLO was responsible for 1200 jews and 20,000 injured in the intifada.. and the israeli economy was devasted.. if Israel rightly seized any and all assets of these scum. it would only pay for the interest on the interest that they owe the victims and the country.. but.. the government is simply afraid of the Un, afraid of CNN, afraid fo Obama.. and afraid of their own shadows.. truly pathetic..
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