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UN: Thousands likely to be massacred if jihadists take Kobani
Published: 11.10.14, 09:51
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1. arm the kurds immediately!
CJK   (10.11.14)
obama's sole obsession is with the jewish state of israel. obama is indifferent to the genocide taking place in syria and the one unfolding in kobani. the obama regime should not be surprised that the people of israel do not trust them.
2. Turkey, an islamic country...
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.11.14)
..acts just like expected from islam... They have NO RESPECT for human life, and massacre of civilians in the name of the evil god, does NOT bring up some kind of care, - some emotions to protect civilians being killed. Then, why should the dutch UN peace-keepers in Srebrenica be condemned while Turkey is acting in even worse, having the military power just on site, doing nothing!! Turkey should be condemned and pushed out of NATO, - Islamic behavior does not belong into the western civilized world. Once again pee-pee Erdogan has shown his admire for terrorists..being one himself, as a virtual member of IHH.
4. CJK - See a Doc
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.11.14)
You suffer Obama Derangement Syndrome. The US is in combat over Kobani. None of the allies are helping there. Not a single NATO ally, not a single Coalition member. And not a single neighbor of Syria is helping either, not Turkey, Not Lebanon, Not Israel, Not Jordon, Not Iraq. American troops are in combat in the air and with helicopters against manpads and other anti-air assets. You are doing nothing but criticize and pretending you care instead of doing anything.
5. LOL
Onas   (10.11.14)
Funny I hear for days that 200 000 Kurds escaped Kobani for Turkey yet Kobani's population is 44 000 at most. Now again we hear of these massacres and genocides of "civilians" ..yet all Kurds left Kobani except Kurdish terrorist YPG ..hardly "civilians"
6. After the massacre......
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (10.11.14)
After the massacre turkey will say it's the islamist nothing to do with us. Spinning dance performance and then accused Israel of wrong doing to Palestinian terrorist.......All will be forgotten about Kurdish ethnic cleansing.......and the world, the media, nato, UN, EU and USA will find Israel wrong doing in defense of Israel. Turkey will again lead them to guide their first index to accuse Israel!
7. To Beary White, Norway (10.11.14), at nr 2.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (10.11.14)
8. 4 Mark
CJK   (10.11.14)
there are no us combat troops on the ground in syria. the usaf drops some bombs, but it is not even an air campaign. according to obama, he has a coalition of five arab states who also bomb syria. jordan hosts a base for the us and allies in the fight against isis. people who lie should make sure that there is no public information out there to contradict them.
9. Kobani
Ezra ,   Florida   (10.11.14)
It is Israel's fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do not believe it, ask the Parasites at the UN !!!!!!!!!!
10. United Nothings: " Thousands likely to be massacred"
A ,   Belgium   (10.11.14)
but we are too busy scrounging money for the terrorists in gaza and chastising Israel to be concerned with them.
11. #4 Mohamed Ibn Yusef: You are full of...
A ,   Belgium   (10.11.14)
NATO member Belgium has carried out bombing missions against ISIS, as has the UAE, with a moslem woman pilot (talk about adding insult to injury), and Saudi Arabia. The Netherlands has sent fighter jets and pilots. Of course, the countries you mentioned are not helping: Lebanon and Iraq are collapsing, Assad is still destroying Syria and big mouth Erdogan has been silenced out of fear of ISIS. Israel, of course, can only sit back and enjoy watching moslems destroy each other. And yes, arming the Kurds (and training them in Israel) would be much more effective in destroying ISIS than random bombing by the US and its allies.
12. Netanyahu should learn
The Turks and Saudis armed IS to exterminate their enemies: Christians, Yazidi and now Kurds. Obama was busy attacking the Jews until the optics got bad with the beheading of some journalists (who cares about thousands of Christian children getting raped?) so he made some meaningless air strikes and keeps the pressure on the Jews. Netanyahu should learn: what IS is doing is exactly what Hamas promises in their charter, and when the time comes, Obama and Europeans will help the Jews exactly like they helped the Kurds.
13. # 4 If not for obama pulling out there'd be no ISIS.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (10.12.14)
obama is worthless unless, you want an empty speech and, even democrats are avoiding obama like ebola. Empty speeches aren't worth what they once were..
14. # 8 CJK obama's efforts are like
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (10.12.14)
trying to stop a raging forest fire by peeing on it. obama sux. GET EVEN BUILD MORE!
15. # 11 A
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (10.12.14)
Nice to see Erdogen shake prattle and not roll. Cowardly piece of ****.
16. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.14)
You are forgetting how ISIS came to be as well-armed as they are. It is because in his haste to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, Obama ordered that all materiel be left behind. It is therefore quite fair to say that the deaths of innocent civilians -- chiefly the Kurdish people -- in Iraq is the exclusive responsibility of Obama. The Joint Chiefs warned him that Iraq was too unstable and that all heavy armor and helicopters should be brought home. Obama overruled them, and innocent Kurds and Iraqis are paying the price for Obama's stupidity and short-sightedness. Obama should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
17. To: Facebook Migo Steirer
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.14)
I know that you are generally favorably disposed towards the State of Israel, but I must correct you here. The massacre of several thousands is not genocide. It's a massacre. Please do not cheapen the impact of the word genocide -- what happened to six million Jews is genocide, and it is both qualitatively and quantitatively different from a massacre. With kind regards, Sarah
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