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Richard Gere to star in Joseph Cedar's new film
Adi Gold, Raz Shechnik
Published: 12.10.14, 12:43
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1. Gere
vicky ,   ashkelon   (10.12.14)
Amazing isn't it! He comes to make a film in Israel. It wasn't that long go that he was saying what tyrants we are and how cruel we were to the Pals. Still what do you expect his career has been somewhat stagnant of late!
2. #1...True enough...
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (10.13.14)
But at least the Gerbil stories weren't true!
3. #1
Harold ,   USA   (10.13.14)
Any one who is a peaceful person with a good heart says the same. What do you describe a country that kills 1200 innocent civilians and children?
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