Kerry: Long-term solution needed, not a band aid fix
Published: 12.10.14, 13:27
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1. Secure Borders Palestinian State Verified NonBelligerance
Zechariah   (10.12.14)
The Gazan War proved how easy it was for the Palestinians to Arm and this is a great fear in Israel .Any Incident by both sides could start the shooting :India and Pakistan :Russia and Ukraine classical examples that the Triggers are innate .Africa in South Sudan civil War based on Tribes .The USA a Mission impossible .Peace won't bring Peace .
2. Kerry Gaza
ben ,   Raanana Israel   (10.12.14)
Kerry is part of the problem not part of the solution . He is deliberately being obtuse . Maybe the status quo with Isis is also untenable
3. Can Mr. Kerry re-write the Koran and stop Arab hatred
Americans love   (10.12.14)
and intolerance??? NOPE. So Jews will just have to say NO AND DEFEND THEMSELVES.
4. Kerry out of touch, out of smarts, out of his mind.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (10.12.14)
He shows up after a war Hamas started and refused to end, and after obama and his 'yes men' continue badgering Israel in any obscene manner they can and Kerry expects WHAT? Try making peace with ISIS they want to raise their flag over the White House, not Israel. Yankee go home! KEEPING BUSY BUILDING, BABY !!!
5. Pals just want Israeli withdrawal,territory not peace
Sam ,   Canada   (10.12.14)
If Palestinians want peace they will tell everyone that peace includes a Jewish majority Israel for the long term. Otherwise, they are just trying to con everyone into making Israel give up territory. Enough of their games. Enough of US,EU and Leftists being naive doormats
6. If Hamas and Israel can make peace there is hope for peace
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.14)
with Boko Haram ISIL Al Shabab Al Nusra Benghazi Boyz Tripoli Boyz Mali Boyz Al Queda in Arabian Peninsula Al Queda in Maghreb Al Nusra in LIBYA Ansar Beth Makdish PA Central African Republic Boyz Sri Lanka Boyz Philipine Boyz There are more groups than Spicy Chicken Franchises. AND THE BIG PLUS IS THAT OBAMA AND KERRY HAVE OUR BACKS (Like the B G Airport Closedown and the US rocket supply stoppage)
7. Kerry: How's about a Long Term FIX
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (10.12.14)
for the United States - oops! I meant to say, " Los Estados Unidos." We need a few "band-aids" on OUR BLEEDING BORDERS!!!
8. Thus spoke the man with not even
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.12.14)
a head
9. Kerry
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.12.14)
Kerry is right a long term solution is necessary, however, he and Obama are not nor will they be part of the solution. They are both lame ducks in their positions and have only caused more problems than they are worth in regaurds to Mid East peace
10. Mr. Kerry is CRAZY like a fool...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.12.14)
HE himself is the problem !!!!!
11. jeez
AY ,   USA   (10.12.14)
And? He's not messianic after this? Why does the US get involved everywhere? Why do we need to send our boys to the Middle East, when the Middle Eastern countries don't seem too interested in themselves fighting ISIS? Why do we contribute millions to Gaza, if Hamas remains in power there, Hamas remains militarized and keeps its destructive ideology?
12. Total Israeli victory is the only solution
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.12.14)
The WW II Allies knew total victory over their mortal foes was the only long term solution. Similarly, total Israeli victory over "Palestinians" is the only long term solution. Israel need merely cut off all lunatic support for Fictional Palestine and it would fall at out feet like a soiled rag.
13. Get the US senate out of the democrooks hands
rid ourselves and ,   the world the poison   (10.12.14)
they bring the world with their anti_god ideas and money grubbing politics. They took God out of the schools let's take the devil out of everything government is. Kerry is the dumbest man on earth oh except O himself, but then again he cannot be that stupid it's just plane O evil.
14. "the aspirations of all"?
H Menahem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.12.14)
"A Peace that meets the aspirations of all"? What could that possibly mean if one side in the "peace" talks aspires to the complete destruction of Israel.
15. whole world is peaceful, only Israel is not
Zvi Lando ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.14)
Yep - the world according to idiots like Kerry act as if the whole world is full of tree huggers - just this one problem left to solve!
16. Kerry
Ezra ,   Florida   (10.12.14)
Trying the same experiment time and time again and again, expecting different results is a SURE SIGN OF INSANITY, you fool.
17. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.14)
President Obama and not John Kerry promised to create a Palestinian State and he will do it before he leaves office. Abusive words by commentators will not stop him to do what he promised to do.
18. stop Iran nuclear weapons, stop ISIS, stop Jihad stop Ebola
CJK   (10.12.14)
stop inciting against jews and stop inciting against the jewish state of israel.
19. One solution for long term fix
Dovy   (10.12.14)
send all Arabs home (to their homeland in Jordan), including those in Gaza and Israel. Then there'll be peace and quiet in Israel.
20. OK Mr. Kerry, Mr fixit...
aharon ,   jerusalem, Israel   (10.12.14)
...Mr. give land for peace...The USA is considerably bigger than Israel so if you like these creatures so much that you want to give them land, consider giving them some of YOUR land...because they are not getting so much as a square centimeter of Israel including Samaria and Judea which is also Israel. It would only give legitimacy to their claims of a land in which they are no more than squatters trying to take over the land that has been home to the Jewish people for over 3000 years.
21. #3 Yes and no
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (10.12.14)
Jews and Israel do have so say no and defend ourselves, true. But assuming that the only solution to the conflict is the impossibility of rewriting the Quran is unnecessarily futile. The challenge is extremely difficult and will take a great deal of time, but the solution is known and not impossible. Islam, like Christianity, is a displacement theology originally founded in the premise of superseding, displacing as proven by validation of the "new" religion (and "testament" or Quran) by invalidation of the "old" religion (and "testament" or Quran). Both of these displacement theologies are fatally flawed and logically fallacious; contradicted by documented history, archeology and logic. Thus, the sole solution is to insist on an atmosphere in which intelligent dialogue is free to debate and disagree without violence to those who disagree -- so that education can occur. See, for example, the basic direction:,-Muslim-Extremism.htm
stude ham   (10.12.14)
old saying... "the house is burning but the clock is ticking"
23. #15
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.14)
Because this conflict is 66 years old. Wake-up
24. #15
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.14)
The suject of your comment is right.
25. #12
Harold ,   USA   (10.12.14)
You are seeing fictional dreams. Have a check-up.
26. Wrong target
Rays ,   USA   (10.12.14)
As the KURDS struggle to survive , the USA fails to give them significant support ;Ukraine gets no needed weapons from Obama while Putin dominates. No , Kerry (Obama) is obsessed with pressing Israel to build another enemy state within a few miles of it's vitals. ISRAEL--Know your enemies.
27. For short sighted and lived humans
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (10.12.14)
there are only two long term solutions: death or God. Humans are going to do what God has said we would. Thanks be to you Lord God your mercy and grace will enable some of us humans to make it.
28. President Al Sisi of Egypt offered the Sinai Peninsula as a
Rivkah   (10.12.14)
homeland for the Palestinians. They should all move there instead of rebuilding Gaza. ALL the Palestinians in Israel should move to the Sinai Peninsula and that Palestinians nation should be monitored by the U.N. to keep it de-militarized. Like the Indians of the American West and SouthEast who would not live in peace, they had to be moved to reservations. The Sinai Peninsula can be the reservation for Palestinians since they will not live in peace.
29. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.13.14)
Israel has something to say in the matter, don't you agree? Do you really think that Obama's promises mean much? He's promised all manner of things since entering office, and delivered on none of them. We know you worship at the Obama altar, but that makes you an ass. Do you think he can single-handedly impose anything on the State of Israel? Short of military intervention, he cannot and, apart from the fact that you will never get the United States military to act against Israel, Israel would demolish any potential invaders rather quickly. Have you forgotten that the full faith and credit of the United States Armed Forces got the sh*t kicked out of them by a handful of barefoot warlords in Somalia? Israel isn't Somalia, sluggo. By the way -- we are all still waiting for you to enlighten us as to your personal experience and first-hand knowledge of a United States airlift of Jews from Iraq to the State of Israel in 1948. You know, the airlift that never happened. So please regale us with your story. Come on, don't be shy. You want us to take you seriously (chortle), don't you?
30. #17 "President Obama and not John Kerry promised to create
A ,   Belgium   (10.13.14)
a Palestinian State". Did he promise that to you PERSONALLY, bumpkin, because a politician of such low credibility as Oblabla who makes impossible promises is in most cases proven in the end of being a liar, and the fools who believe him remain just that...fools. Or perhaps you could provide us with an exact quote regarding his "promise"?
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