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Haredi propaganda at Hamas' service
Elior Levy
Published: 13.10.14, 11:35
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1. Facebook: Eddie Zadeh - tell us the difference between
Moshe   (10.13.14)
Neturei Karta and Israeli Left who are both anti Israel. In other words you're saying, Hamas/Israeli Left - very little difference.
2. No difference they both back stab
Carl ,   Toronto   (10.14.14)
Both the haredi parasites and hamas
3. ;))) ,...
split ,   US   (10.13.14)
Jewdo & Jewjitsu ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (10.13.14)
HERE'S THE THEORY You put the heredi in with the gazans and just like a barrel of rotten arab apples, by receiving some good fresher heredi apples, all the rotten arab ones will get better.
5. why not? probably related
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.14)
Although the posters do not give credit to the group responsible, it is obvious that they are closely allied with Netura Karta types and pro-Arabs. Any Jew who would try to 'stab in the back' an IDF soldier should move to Hamasland and enjoy freedom from us Zionist pigs. I personally believe that this group should be ousted from being accepted as Jewish. So it only makes sense that they would share it with the Hamas types.
6. Unintended Consequences
Jose' ,   Israel   (10.14.14)
Of which our sages in Ethics of the Fathers remark:: who is a wise man, he who can see the consequences."
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