Bennett slams Kerry for connecting Israel-Palestinian conflict to Islamic State
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.10.14, 16:33
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1. Don't be so hard hard on Kerry!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.17.14)
He is doing the best he can with his very low IQ!
2. Obama Mantra: "Support Islam"!
Benny ,   Iran   (10.17.14)
We heard this song before from Obama & his Muslim Brotherhood entourage. His ship is sinking and he will blame everything on Israel. It is high time the US not foam at the mouth with wicked statements that feed the snakes! Israel has been around for 3,500 years. The Pals are just guests. Its time to tell them to behave or "lose it all"!
3. Tiresome!
Daniel Yehezkel ,   San Francisco, CA   (10.17.14)
So Israeli politicians are trashing the political leadership in the US yet again. The tail is trying to wag the dog...again. Time to sever Israel from the American umbilical cord and let it fend for itself. It doesn't cooperate with anybody.
4. Blaming Israel for ISIS
Mark ,   Pasadena USA   (10.17.14)
The way things are going, Obama and company will blame Jews for everything and create a pogrom right here at home. Obama has a visceral hatred of Jews-not just Israelis.. Don't delude yourselves.
5. Maybe Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama need to look inward
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (10.17.14)
Just look back to the Russian Afghanistan war and the USA military aiding the mujahadeen. Thank you America for the Taliban and al-qaida.
6. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (10.17.14)
John Kerry is right. One of the main reasons for the establishment of ISIS is the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians as well as the occupation. Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO and other organization called terrorists were established to resist Israel.
7. Obama's accomplishments
C   (10.17.14)
1 civil war in egypt; 2 failed state in lybia, playground of global jihad; 3 the sinai peninsula full of jihadists; 4 syria is a failed state with hundreds of thousands slaughtered, raped, tortured; 5 the creation of an "islamic state," made up of former saddam military and sunni terrorists; 6 the capture of large swathes of syrian and iraqi territory by the islamic terror army which slaughters all members of minorities, enslaves their children and women; 7 the progression of iran's nuclear weapons program to the point of break out.
8. Kerry is a criminal mind .
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.18.14)
9. Right wingers are unable to see a bigger picture
Wider connections are too much for their brains to process, so they resort to what they can do best: wallowing in the self pity of their egos.
10. Unfrotunately, Kerry is correct.
Elad Lending ,   Yahel Israel   (10.18.14)
The Arab-Israeli problem is one of many factors fueling IS. Others are widespread corruption, lack of freedom, weak central authority, lack of national vision, lack of secular education, feeling of frustration and political impotence, and lots more. That doesn't make it right for him to blame and pressure Israel, but we shouldn't delude ourselves. Our conflict with the Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general also play a part.
11. opinion
Mathilde   (10.18.14)
The conflict between several arab goverments and local fanatics in those countries doesnt matter how they want to call themselfs often have different focuses but share very similar financial systems and extremist ideologies. why to slam Kerry? Netanyahu compared hamas, Iran, Isis, Nasralla, etc in his effusive UN speech last month...uffff we see everybody doing absurd analogies this days, whats going on with all of you? Yesterday was another schmuck saying Isis is ebola! USA armed a coalition to fight islamic status group in Iraq and Syria, So? are those politicians telling to the public indirectly that as long theres no cure for ebola theres no strategy to fight Isis or isil? come on give me a break! More than 20 countries joint a kind of third world war coalition to kill perhaps thousands of arab or muslims militants, fanatiics or not, it hearts to think about so many innocent people suffering for wars that they dont choose. Peace for all the middle east countries now! Peace for Israelis and Palestinians! shalom! ps: listen to kifi anan Un secretary general, said he was “bitterly disappointed” with the response of the international community, which would have been different if the crisis had erupted in the west. . In fact, the international community really woke up when the disease got to north america and Europe.” American scientist said "it would take a state-backed effort with extensive resources to carry out a biological attack with Ebola." - maybe were Russia or Germany
12. my opinion on Mathide opinion
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.18.14)
your opinion is nice about peace, but you are living on a far off different planet.
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