Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Kerry's comments serving radical propaganda
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 19.10.14, 15:35
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1. Kerry
Dan Frank ,   Montreal Canada   (10.19.14)
Why is anyone surprise at Kerry? All he is doing is being a mouthpiece to Obama!
2. Fits with his Boss's assessment of the white mans guilt!
But "white" is too abstract, so it has to be narrowed down to the usual suspect (in the eyes of Eternal Anti-semite): the Jew!
3. Kerry is Obama
Keleb ,   Byron, USA   (10.19.14)
Obama chose Kerry because evil men chose evil men (and women, as Hillary, Susan Rice, etc) as partners. Fools choose fools to follow them, not wise men.
4. Well said. Thumbs up! Screw Kerry
Shep ,   Memphis   (10.19.14)
and screw Obama
5. ben dror yemini/ kerry's one/many pro-antisemitic blunders.
h. kovici ,   ny, usa   (10.19.14)
If you could put your well informed article comments in context of Torah Hakdoshe you'll arrive to the premise that only AHAVA BEIN AHEINU is the answer (connect I have more to say)to all this no brains kerry nonsense.
6. there are no coincidents
tiki ,   belgium   (10.19.14)
It's not a 'slip of the tongue, but a real meant statement from John Kerry. Now that this failed US administration is going into their 'lame duck years, where they have nothing to lose any more, especially when the Democrats are probably going to lose the mid term elections as well and can 'afford to become Israel's foe instead of staying their 'friend. Don't be surprised when a US VETO won't be used when the UN Security Council is going to vote over Abbas plans!
7. Kerry
CJK   (10.19.14)
the man lacks intelligence and he lacks morality. his jew hatred is not in itself surprising, but the fact that he expresses it so openly points to a total lack of conscience.
8. Source of all troubles
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.19.14)
Secretary Kerry has been mistaken on many topics, but on this one, he is right on. Zionist "Israel" is the source of all trouble in the Middle East and in much of the world, a focal source of pernicious geopolitical infection. It can, however, be removed with a minimum of bloodshed. Economic and "lawfare" tactics are the answer, given some patience.
9. This pretty much sums Kerry up
Devorah   (10.19.14)
"it was US Secretary of State John Kerry who gave the delegation leaving to "liberate Gaza" a letter of support. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Kerry had not been personally involved and had not known what it was about." If Kerry didn't know what it was about, then why did he give a letter of support to the "liberate Gaza" delegation? Kerry is nothing but a devisive tool with a big mouth, a bigger sense of self importance and a total lack of core values. What a sorry legacy he will leave. The same goes for Psaki. How could she make that excuse for him with a straight face?
10. Kerry's comments ? ,...
split ,   US   (10.19.14)
Not the neo-con homies in previous administration and their puppet in WH deeds ? ,... Can you imagine ISIS in Iraq with Saddam at the steering wheel ? ,...
11. Deaf or dumb?
Jacob Edelman ,   New York,USA   (10.19.14)
The French saying goes like this: Il n'y a plus sourd que celui qui ne veut point entendre (i.e. there is no deafer person than the one who does not want to hear). In present circumstances Israelis seem to have decided to play deaf. The result ? They do not see the potential dangers of playing deaf to what the world is telling them. Arrogance makes people deaf and dumb.
12. #8 minimum bloodshed
So you advocate solving the Jewish question like you solved the Christian question, the Kurdish question and Yazidi question, all with minimum bloodshed
13. What's the problem?
Kerry only stated what has been known for decades. Have you never seen Israeli or American flags burnt in Arab streets? Have you never heard Al Qaeda leaders using references to Israel to recruit new members? It is obvious that Israel (and West in general) is a major reason for anger in the Arab world. Perhaps it has something to do with the 47 years of occupation??? DUH.
14. #10 Can you imagine
wars on earth after mankind has been nuked off? What a paradise.
15. Predictable Catholic Response
Gideon ,   London, UK   (10.20.14)
Ah, Maryland -- another great 'Latin Mass' thinker here. Let me guess what he/she wrote -- everything is the Jews' fault! Wow, I'm right again. The Jews just have thinkers like Einstein, Freud, the guys who invented Google, Facebook, etc. What in heavens do we know?
16. More anti-Americanism from Israeli journalists/politicians
Daniel Yehezkel ,   San Francisco, CA   (10.20.14)
Since Israelis are constantly telling the U.S. to go to hell, America should cut Israel loose and let her fend for herself. From strategic asset to strategic liability.
17. Well said!
Peter ,   Derry, N. Ireland   (10.20.14)
18. KKK is caused by black people too!
Avi L.   (10.20.14)
Ask Kerry to explain his boss that KKK is caused by the presence of black people ... maybe he will start to understand. But I doubt it.
19. Stupid Kerrry & Gullible Obama
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (10.20.14)
When is he going to learn to keep his nose out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli's don't want American involvement, they just want America's VETO and American MONEY and other diplomatic protection and Iron Dome funding. When is America going to learn that this Israeli government is the most anti-American government ever that despises everything American until the majority of UN members want to vote against them, then they will need there "American friends" to provide that diplomatic protection.
20. Kerry the man
Miles ,   Kapaa   (10.22.14)
YOU are the source of the problem! Whether the PA & Hamas could never cooperate with each other or ISIL slaughtering and butchering its own people and Syria excelling in its debacle they are all above reproach in your psychopathopathetic viewpoint of Zionism. Am Yisroel Chai!
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