Fraudulent links in the Middle East
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 21.10.14, 00:20
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1. Right, here's the real link to everything:Islam.Clear enough
for you Professor?!
2. Alice (from Wonderland) would have replied
Genuine Moshe   (10.21.14)
"how about the Muslim Brotherhood connection?" You know the MB/Qatar/Turkey/ISIS/Hamas connection. As I am not Alice, I would politely suggest to follow the money trail.
3. Kombinot... [Wheeler-Dealer "Combinations"]
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (10.21.14)
What else is new in the Middle East? That Westerners are learning (a little) about dealing with the local "action"? That there are multiple hidden, semi hidden, covert, & overt agendas & interests? That politicians & diplomats are stupid, ignorant, AND dishonest? That the more "connections" & dependencies there are, the less can be done, but the more effort, money, & energy is invested in trying. [a politician's dream!] King Solomon said it thousands of years ago: "There is nothing new under the sun..."
4. Almost there , but missed!!
Jassim Mohammed ,   Bghadad , Iraq   (10.21.14)
There is only one country that shares all the ills at once , yet it would be the greatest follow to cater its demands , it does the following : - It pursues nuclear weapons - It started the wave of religious fundamentalism nnthe region - It is a proven and direct supporter and sponsor of terrorism in many contries , not few . - It has actual hegemonic designs that are actually put into action . Is it difficult to guess ? The gap between the ease n which we could fall for a tactical chess like moves at the expense of the strategic imperatives is well understood by Iran , and helped by the utter weakness f Obama .
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