UN: Iran not cooperating with nuclear probe
Published: 20.10.14, 17:12
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1. Mr Ammano WHY Would tehran Not Follow Through
With Transpency and Obligations as Signatories of the NPT, the reasons Are They Trying to Hide A SEXRET NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM!!! Mr Ammano why would a Peacful Nation, build a UNDECLEARED Enrichment plant In A Mountain??? Because they have something to HIDE!!! Wrachet Up And Stiffen Sanctions UNTIL tehran is On Their Knees's!!!
2. better active todaythan radioactive tomorrow!
ayatollah ghilmeini ,   Qum Usa   (10.20.14)
Bomb them, attack them, destroy them. Negotiations failed, let there be 50 explosions across the entire country like the on at Parchin.
3. Iran needs some shock therapy.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.20.14)
Israel took out two previous nuclear facilities Iraq and Syria. The third one's the charm. GO FOR IT.!!! Do the world a service BOMB IRAN TO HELL.!!!!
4. the game is over
CJK   (10.20.14)
the shia terror regime will not cooperate even to the extent needed to give obama a fig leaf to cover his intent to make a deal which will allow this genocidal terror state keep its nuclear weapons program. of course, why would iran give obama a fig leaf. the nyt has reported that obama has no intention to ask congress to vote on any deal he reaches with iran. it will be all obama, and none other.
5. Ayatollahist nukes
Brod ,   USA   (10.20.14)
The Ayatollahs are hell bent on their nukes. They want regional and world domination.
6. Iran MUST be attacked NOW !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.20.14)
7. #2 - #6 - Go for it - Israel can try to bomb
Spyguy ,   seattle usa   (10.21.14)
Iran any time it wants and suffer the major consequences in silence.The US will NOT attack Iran, so if you want war, then start it yourself and take the defeat quietly. The REALITY is the IDF leadership KNOWS that it is impossible to attack Iran and survive, which is why they have not let Bibi attack, but I am sure the armchair generals on Ynet know a whole lot more than the IDF leaders. The REALITY is unless Obama gets a deal soon, all the sanctions will disappear and the US control of global banking will also disappear. China wants to stop the US dollar from being the global currency and trying to use the dollar to hurt Iran just makes China's case to drop the dollar. So either grab your Uzi and charge the Iranian hill or shut up.
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