Lieberman's plan to bolster Israel on world stage in 2015
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.10.14, 22:41
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1. Wrong!All the wrong moves, Liberman.WTF is going on with us?
2. Surprise !
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.20.14)
Wasn't it his job and duty to begin with ? A little late, but not too late to earn his salary. Good luck to him.
3. Wow, a long list ,...
split ,   US   (10.20.14)
... but at the end when the dust settles everything comes to your attitude and conduct, stupid ,...
4. Lieberman's goals are admirable and noteworthy
CJK   (10.20.14)
the question is what he can accomplish given the present hostile american administration; the european obsession with the arab palestinians; the continued goal of islam to eradicate the jewish state; the significant disagreement between israel and the obama administration regarding iran's nuclear weapons program; the obscene propaganda war waged against israel by the arab palestinians and their supporters in the muslim world and among far left liberal groups. the europeans have adopted wholly and without analysis the arab muslim narrative regarding the conflict with israel. this approach has now been embraced by the obama administration. hence, the road ahead is strewn with minefields.
5. Doing the same thing year after year
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.21.14)
In the hope that we will see different results is stupidity in the extreme. Perhaps the nightclub bouncer from Moldova is intellectually incapable of doing what is best for Israel
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